5 Docking Drawer Applications That Will Become Mainstream in 2023

How can our in-drawer outlets inspire your home in 2023? Check out our predictions based on these top five growing trends from last year.
2023 interior design trends

In 2022, a few Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet applications stood out from the others, growing rapidly in popularity. While these 5 applications are not new, we predict that they will become a new standard for residential homes in 2023!

Prediction #1: Nightstand Charging Stations

Nightstand charging station

Nightstand side table with Docking Drawer charging station

Especially as the new year begins, our devices are key for upholding (and tracking) many new year’s resolutions centered around health and professional goals. As we have seen in 2022, the need for nightstand charging stations only continues to grow. In addition to eliminating the need to access a wall outlet and worry about power cord length, the ability to keep devices both out of sight and within reach at night has become a necessity. But don’t just take our word for it, check out homeowner Gabriella’s nightstand transformation.

“My husband has a ton of items to charge.. a smartwatch, phone, kindle, heart instruments, etc...I had to find a solution and started doing internet research and found Docking Drawer.”
— Gabriella

From smartphones and tablets to wireless headphones and fitness trackers, the growing number of daily tech devices has made it more important than ever to ensure electronics are charged and ready to go for daily use. Nightstands continue to lead as one of the most popular storage spots for tech devices, so it is no surprise that nightstand charging stations top our list of predicted interior design technology trends for 2023. 

Ready to get started? Learn more about how to transform your nightstand into a charging station.

Prediction #2: Powered Wet Bar Drawers

In-drawer outletWet bar drawer powered by Docking Drawer Blade Duo

As the world transitioned away from the social limitations of the pandemic over the last year, the desire to entertain and host dinner parties increased by 25%1, and of course, a well-stocked wet bar is ideal for hosting events. In 2022, not only were more homeowners utilizing our in-drawer outlets for wet bars, but interior designers were working them into both new builds and kitchen remodel projects. 

“Your product is great! It was the first time I used it and by far better than similar competitor products. Will definitely be using you guys again.”
— Kevin Travers Design

While the enthusiasm surrounding dinner parties is certainly not going anywhere, neither is the desire to have a clean, highly functional space. Similar to kitchens, wet bars are a space of gathering and homeowners want simple solutions for tucking away distractions like cords and devices. Docking Drawer’s in-drawer outlets eliminate the need to cut outlets into backsplash tile or waterfall countertops and offer a safe way to charge daily tech without cluttering the countertop. In-drawer outlets are also a great addition to your wet bar for powering small appliances like electric wine bottle openers, ice makers, and even electric juicers for cocktails.    

Check out our project gallery for more inspiration on getting your wet bar ready for hosting in 2023.

Prediction #3: Murphy Bed Charging Drawers

Murphy bed outletMurphy bed with in-drawer outlet for charging drawer

Murphy beds are making a comeback—in 2021, queries for Murphy beds increased by 2,081% from the previous year on the design site Houzz2, and this trend will continue in 2023. One of the selling points of a wall bed is the fact that it adds functionality without significantly altering the footprint of the room. Without relying on the location of a wall outlet for placement of a Murphy bed, homeowners can safely install Docking Drawer’s Blade Series outlets to meet the charging needs of guests while maintaining a clean, clutter-free, multi-functional space.

 “Very clean solution to hide cords [in] the wall bed.”
— Andrew of California Closets

With more people working from home permanently, solutions for multi-functional spaces like an office and guest room combination are on the rise. In fact, learn more about a customer story involving this exact scenario from 2022. Often, Murphy beds are located in smaller spaces of the home, so reducing the amount of clutter is important for maintaining a clean space. According to the 2022 KBB Survey, clients are willing to pay a median of 23% more for customized storage and organization solutions3, which means Murphy bed charging drawers are a likely mainstay for interior design in 2023.

Not yet convinced? Hear from another happy customer with a Murphy bed charging drawer project in 2022.

Prediction #4: Powered Printer Pullouts

Printer organizationPowered printer pullout drawer for home office storage

Similar to the increase in interest in Murphy beds, more homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate their work-from-home lifestyles with multi-functional spaces. With an increase of in-home offices comes the need for office equipment, with printers being one of the most needed. Yet, having a large printer sitting in a room that is meant to also be a guest room can be an eyesore—just ask our customer, Andrew. Installing a pullout drawer within a cabinet to store your printer out of sight when not in use has been a popular solution in the last year. Of course, Docking Drawer offers a variety of in-drawer outlets to ensure printers are safely powered inside enclosed drawer pullouts. 

“We love the fact that we can put printers inside of our office cabinetry built-ins, with our custom printer rollouts, and a docking drawer in the back of the rollout! This takes care of all the cord mess we'd have to deal with normally, and lets us put the printer inside where it isn't seen all the time!"
— Andrew of Legacy Wood Creations LLC

Even though the world is becoming increasingly digital, the ability to print still plays a huge factor in business needs like photocopying, scanning, and yes, even actual paper printing. The need for printers has an impact on at-home workers. In a 2022 survey, 1,000 remote workers in the United States and Canada were asked what they missed most about the office, and more than 57% actually missed access to a printer more than happy hours4! This basic need for printing is why we forecast more customers to look for powered printer pullout solutions for their homes in 2023.

Learn more about how you can create your own powered printer pullout this year.

Prediction #5: Powered Makeup Desk Drawers

Makeup deskMakeup desk with in-drawer outlet for hot styling tools.

Makeup desks are increasing in popularity, and many homeowners in the past year have turned their focus to investing in built-in vanity desks. According to a 2022 bathroom trends study by Houzz, 61% of homeowners are choosing custom or semi-custom options when renovating vanities in their bathrooms5.  Just take a look at this makeup desk in-drawer outlet project completed by our customer Tristan of Harry’s Electric.

“The customer was looking for an outlet inside of their bathroom vanity. After reading the instructions and laying it out, the install was quite simple.”
— Tristan of Harry’s Electric

One of the main functional issues with makeup desks is the number of cords and outlets needed for powering hot tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Our in-drawer vanity desk outlets are designed to safely eliminate countertop cord clutter by creating a convenient, dedicated space for get-ready routines. With continued growth in makeup desk upgrades and renovations, we predict that not only will more homeowner DIY projects involve installing an in-drawer outlet, but new home builds will also include the same solutions, making powered makeup desks a mainstream application in 2023 interior design trends.

Learn more about how Docking Drawer ensures the safety of all of our in-drawer outlets, including those that power hot tools for makeup desk drawers.

No matter what the trends may be each new year, great organization and simple solutions for homes aren’t going anywhere. We’ve been excited to see the continued growth in the past year of these Docking Drawer applications, and we are confident many of these trends will become a standard in both homeowner and interior design projects alike. What other applications do you think will be popular in 2023? Contact us to let us know your ideas, or share your own Docking Drawer projects through our Photo Buying Program for the chance to earn up to $500!


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