Style Drawer Blade Mounting Techniques FAQ

Style Drawer Blade Mounting Techniques FAQ

Keep innovating. That's what we're all about at Docking Drawer. And maybe that's why our latest in-drawer outlet—The Docking Drawer Style Drawer Blade Outlet—is so unique from its predecessors. What's so special about it? This outlet can actually be mounted three different ways. This means the outlet can be installed into more drawer sizes.


Q: Why is the Style Drawer Blade Minimum Drawer Box Width (OD) specification a range vs. a specific measurement like the rest of the Docking Drawer Outlets?

A: Style Drawer Blade outlets have three different mounting techniques. Based on the technique used there are different minimum drawer width requirements, as shown in the pictures below.  Because of the way that the arms on Style Drawer Blade outlets are designed, they need to be top mounted in a specific way so as to not interfere with the drawer glides.

1. Above Glide Mounting. In a taller drawer box this works because the arms can be located above the drawer glides. Height requirement is 5.25" or more.

2. In-between glide mounting (right side). If you want to have the receptacle box mounted on the right side of the drawer box and your drawer box height is less than 5.25" this is how the arms need to fit between the glides. This mounting technique is narrower than when you install the outlet of the left side (See below).

3. In-between glide mounting (left side). If you want to have the receptacle box mounted on the left side of the drawer box and your drawer box height is less than 5.25" this is how the arms need to fit between the glides.

Q:  How do I know what installation method is best for my Style Drawer Blade?

A:  First determine the width of your drawer box. Then the height of your drawer box. If your drawer box is less than 5.25" tall then you need to use either of the between glide mounting types. If your drawer box is not wide enough you'll need to look at the Style Drawer Flush models. If you have a drawer box that is 5.25"  you are able to have a narrower drawer. See charts below:

Style Drawer 24 Blade




Above Glide

≥ 5.25"

≥ 16"

In between Glide R

≥ 4"

≥ 17.75"

In between Glide L

≥ 4"

≥ 19.75"


Style Drawer 21 Blade




Above glide

≥ 5.25"


In between R

≥ 4"

≥ 16.25"

In between L

≥ 4"

≥ 18.25"


Q: What do the measurements of my drawer need to be for these mounting styles?

A: It depends on which technique you use! That will determine the drawer box width and height. The narrowest specification occurs when the outlet is mounted above the glides. The left side requires the widest specification. And the right side mount falls in between these two. For more information, you're welcome to contact us. One of our experts would be happy to talk you through your unique needs.

Q: Can Style Drawer Blade outlets be installed vertically?

A: Absolutely! In fact, the outlet was designed to be installed vertically as well as horizontally because we got so many requests for this once vertical styling stations became a hot item.

Q:  Does it matter if I put the receptacle box on the top or the bottom of the drawer in a vertical installation?

A:  Not as long as the drawer arm has the freedom to move.


Q: How do I properly size a Style Drawer Blade outlet?

A: Outlets are sized by cabinet depth. To specify the right size outlet for your project, follow these three steps:

Q: How much room do I need behind the drawer box for the Style Drawer Blade Outlets?

A: You only need 2" of space from the back of the drawer box to the back of the cabinet to install Style Drawer Blade outlets.

Q:  What if I have more than 2" of space? Will a Style Drawer Blade still work?

A: Yes, 2" is the minimum so if your cabinet has more space, that is ok.


Q: How is a Style Drawer Blade outlet installed?

A: Style Drawer Blade series outlets can be installed in 3 easy steps. First, add the receptacle box cut out to the drawer. There's a template for this in the Specification Library. Second, mount the receptacle box to the drawer box and the rear mounting bracket with just a few screws. Last, connect your Style Drawer Blade series outlet to a power source.

Q: Does the Style Drawer Blade series outlet need to be hardwired?

A: Style Drawer Blade Powering outlets need to hardwired to the handy box that mounts to the back of your cabinet. Please see our Electrical Planning guide.

Q:  I used the previous type of Style Drawer and was able to use the Narrow Drawer Pro Tip to install it in a drawer box that was under the width requirements. Can I do that with Style Drawer Blade?

A:  Not as easily as in previous models. This is because the arm in our older models is thinner and the elbow is on a horizontal plane so making a channel in the side of the cabinet wall was simple. But the Blade arms' elbow is on a vertical plane to allow for less space to be needed behind the drawer. Theoretically you could remove a much larger portion to give the arm room but only in an above glide mounting scenario and so long as the cabinet wall isn't holding anything up. You can look at mounting diagrams in our Specification Library to see what would be needed as you may find it easier to use a Style Drawer Flush and shorten the drawer box.

Q: If my drawer box interior height is less than 4" can I use a Style Drawer Blade?

A:  Maybe. It depends how much less than 4" the height is. You will need to use one of the in-between glide mounting techniques. We use 4" as a guideline. But the cover plate itself is 3.08" in height and the cutout is 2.88". See the cutout template for screw placement and the mounting diagram for the dimensions of the cover plate. 

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