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These 3 most popular kitchen applications will have you thinking outside the [drawer] box.
Kitchen drawer organization

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and a popular place for in-drawer outlets. Here are three of the most popular ways our customers are powering their kitchens with Docking Drawer:

Charging Drawers

Arguably our most common application in kitchen settings is the charging drawer, and for good reason. With all those surfaces, in addition to plentiful outlets and frequent gatherings, it doesn’t take long for cords and devices to take over the countertops, resulting in a frustrating daily battle over cooktop space. Moving cords and devices into a dedicated charging drawer is often all it takes to create a highly functioning and clutter-free kitchen.

Appliance Garages

As one customer put it, “I didn’t see the need to have my toaster on display when hosting a dinner party”. Small appliances can quickly take over kitchen countertop space, and a dedicated appliance garage or pullout drawer creates a dedicated space to keep those frequented small appliances (think toasters, coffee makers, blenders, and more) safely connected and easily accessible, while being neatly tucked away and no longer on display.

appliance drawer

Island Drawers

Docking Drawer can be a great way to add power to the kitchen island in place of those awkwardly-located outlets that are otherwise found on each side of the island. In-drawer power can also be used as an alternative to avoid cutting into waterfall island countertops, or simply to add a charging drawer to otherwise useless or awkward kitchen island space.

Kitchen Charging drawer

Just a few ideas to get you thinking outside the [drawer] box on your upcoming projects! Get even more kitchen inspiration by browsing our new Project Gallery, and let us know if there’s any way we can help you plan your Docking Drawer projects.

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