Narrow Drawer Installation Tips

Apply one of these 2 installation tips when installing Docking Drawer Blade outlets into drawers as narrow as 9".
electrical outlet in a narrow drawer

For shallow drawers (at least 15" wide) or tall drawers (at least 13” wide), Docking Drawer outlets can be installed without requiring any modifications to the cabinet or drawer box. However, some modifications are required during installation when dealing with narrow drawers. Read on to learn more about the two most common methods used to install Docking Drawer outlets into drawers as narrow as 9”.

Option 1: Create a Channel in the Cabinet Wall

install an outlet in a drawer

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Depending on your cabinet layout, you may be able to cut a channel into the side of the cabinet wall, allowing the outlet’s cable management arms to move freely when the drawer is closed and the outlet is fully contracted. The cable management arms are the mechanism responsible for protecting and guiding the power cord as the drawer opens and closes. The arms may extend into or past the cabinet wall when using this application, or depending on the width of the drawer and the amount of space between the drawer box and cabinet wall, the arms may end up being mostly concealed within the channel. In instances when the arms are visibly extended into surrounding cabinet space, they can be left exposed inside the cabinet or creatively concealed, depending on the project and preference.

Option 2: Utilize Empty Cabinet Space

outlet in bathroom vanity

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When there’s free space available inside the cabinet, you can simply allow the cable management arms to move freely into the open cabinet space, eliminating the need to make any cutouts or modifications. This installation tip is most commonly used in vanities without dividing walls and requires drawer boxes over 4” tall so that the outlet can be mounted over the drawer glides.

With both installation tips, the Blade Series in-drawer outlet can be rotated so that the arms face left or right, allowing more flexibility in channel placement.

Have questions? Visit our online Spec Book to find all the project planning information you need, and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you plan your Docking Drawer project.

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