Life gets chaotic. Your countertops don't have to be.

Combat countertop chaos by creating hidden drawer charging stations for every member of the family to keep devices charged up, within reach and out of sight.
Boy using in drawer outlet in kitchen charging station

Let’s face it, life gets chaotic. And when you’re spending all your spare time driving the kids around, answering emails, phone calls and addressing life’s demands, the chaos can spill over onto… well, your countertops.

Messy kitchen counter before Docking Drawer

It might seem like a small thing, but staying organized in any area of your life amidst chaos can help you to remain grounded and calm, and Docking Drawer outlets are one proven solution in helping to restore organization and a sense of calm and balance in even the most chaotic of times and spaces. Which is something this Docking Drawer customer can attest to, first hand.

“We were sick and tired of messy areas. My wife had a great idea of making a docking drawer to keep our four kids' devices and our own tidy and nice. So glad we found the [Docking Drawer] blades and installed them as part of our plan.” Customer, Matthew N.

This customer went with two Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlets, both of which can connect up to 8 devices. If your drawer is wide enough, it’s not only possible but quite simple to combine the power of two Blade Duo outlets, allowing you to accommodate up to sixteen devices in a single charging drawer. And when you’re a family of six, you need all the outlets you can get to connect all those cell phones, tablets, Nintendo Switches, earbuds, bluetooth speakers, computers, games and more!

Kid plugging ipad into Docking Drawer kitchen in drawer outlet

Drawer charging stations like this are a simple, proven way to keep everyday devices fully charged and organized while combating what could only have otherwise been an endless amount of countertop cord and device chaos.

We offer a variety of configurations to choose from, including USB-C with Power Delivery (PD) which can charge compatible devices up to 70% faster and features an internal thermoregulator to prevent electronics from overheating while charging (USB-A can’t do that). And all of our Blade Series outlets now feature a more compact size and a corded electrical connection for simple specification, making it easier and more affordable than ever before to install our in-drawer outlets into drawers of any type.

Learn more about our top-selling Blade Series outlets, or browse our Project Gallery for more ideas on how Docking Drawer outlets can be used to combat cord and device chaos and create highly functional spaces throughout the home.

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