DIY In-Drawer Outlet Solutions - Don't Let Your Drawers Explode

DIY In-Drawer Outlet Solutions - Don't Let Your Drawers Explode

Don't be content thinking that a post-inspector, in-drawer electrical outlet solution added to your kitchen or bathroom drawer is safe!

At Docking Drawer, we've stressed that this popular DIY hack can cause a variety of problems. Take for instance what happened to one of Gary Ciuffo's (Ciuffo Cabinetry) customers.

A homeowner added an in-drawer power strip into the bathroom vanity. Originally, the customer had requested that Ciuffo Cabinetry install a DIY outlet for her inside her new drawer, but she was told by Ciuffo that this was unsafe. Instead, the homeowner (or someone she asked) installed A DIY hack for her after the home inspector had come and gone.

The hack worked, as they often do, but it soon led to problems. The homeowner, going through her normal daily routine, didn't suspect anything was wrong when she put all of her items away in the bathroom drawer and pushed it closed. Unfortunately, the packed daily-use items inside the drawer combined with the drawer closing turned on the homeowner's hairdryer. The noise was muffled and the homeowner left, not suspecting a thing. The excessive heat, trapped inside the drawer, slowly heated up an aerosol can filled with hairspray. Eventually, the can was unable to take the high temperatures and it exploded. Thankfully, the homeowner was out of the house and safe. The cabinet was not so lucky and was severely damaged. 

Had the homeowner used a code compliant in-drawer outlet, this entire story would have played out very differently.

Scott Dickey, who created Docking Drawer, made his first Docking Drawer outlet prototype after discovering that such a thing didn't exist in stores. His background in safety and engineering in the semiconductor industry helped him design the perfect charging and powering outlets for kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, hospitals, and more. 

"Everything we build meets or exceeds national safety standards," said Scott Dickey, President of JTech Solutions. "These outlets are not only safe to use, but they're also innovative and provide a functional source of power while also offering a clutter-free aesthetic." Docking Drawer provides a truly valuable source of technology that should never be hacked together or hidden from inspectors. Rather than using a popular DIY hack post inspection, which can oftentimes be dangerous, install Docking Drawer outlet solutions, instead.


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