Charge Devices Faster With USB-C with Power Delivery

Need something charged quickly? Now Docking Drawer has added Blade and Blade Duo charging outlets featuring USB-C with power delivery (or PD) to our offerings.
Charge Devices Faster With USB-C with Power Delivery

Need something charged quickly? Now Docking Drawer has added Blade and Blade Duo charging outlets featuring USB-C with power delivery (or PD) to our offerings. Quickly, safely charge cell phones or tablets three times faster than with a normal charger. And, thanks to an integrated smart chip, your device is protected from overheating while delivering those faster charge times. 

What’s the difference between USB-C and USB-C with (PD)? 

USB-C with PD charges 70% fasterWe’re glad you asked! A traditional non-Power Delivery USB-C charger outlet will charge your devices at USB-A specifications, so your devices will charge within a few hours. But a USB-C with power delivery offers faster charging times—up to 70% faster—ensuring your devices can be charged in less time and—best of all—without your bulky block charger included when you purchased your device! 

Consider that your iPad Pro comes with an 18w charger but the iPad itself, according to instructions, is Power Delivery capable. This means that when it’s used with the Blade USB-C (PD) it will charge nearly twice as fast due to the 30w capacity! Your iPhone 8 and later can benefit from this technology, too. But note that not all USB-C chargers offer Power Delivery so before use, look over the specs of your charger carefully. Is your device a match? Then all you need to charge your device is a simple USB-C cable

Safety Benefits of Docking Drawer Outlets With USB-C With Power Delivery


Docking Drawer has always put safety first when it comes to designing outlets. And the USB-C with power delivery is no exception. In fact, The USB-C (PD) outlets in Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo outlet assemblies contain a smart chip that makes charging safer with these 3 key features:

  • Recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements for individual devices 
  • Has built-in overcurrent protection to safe keep devices from receiving too much power
  • Contains an internal thermoregulator to prevent electronics from overheating while charging

How Can I Get USB-C With Power Delivery?

USB-C with PD in Living Room End Table

When you’re ready to stop waiting around while your devices take two, three, even four hours to fully charge, consider purchasing the Docking Drawer Blade or Blade Duo with USB-C with PD! Ready to learn more? Contact us directly by phone, live chat or email.

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