But is it really that easy to install?

We’re always preaching about the ease of installation of our in-drawer outlets, so we decided to put it to the test. Watch two Docking Drawer team members install 2 Docking Drawer Blade outlets for the first time. Was it as easy as we say it is?
Vanity Bathroom wit red hair dryer

So, are Docking Drawer outlets really that easy to install? We put two of our long-time team members, Kristen and Alyse, to the test — after all, they are always illustrating and writing about how easy it is to install Docking Drawer outlets. We’re going to find out if these ladies were able to practice what they preach!

The Challenge

Install two Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer outlets into his and hers bathroom vanity drawers…as quickly (and safely) as possible.

The Goal

Free up countertop space by storing and powering personal care tools, like hot tools, hair tools, power shavers, and electric toothbrushes inside the drawer.

Marble bathroom countertop cluttered with a hair dryer and tangled cords.

The Outlet

A Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer outlet will be installed in each bathroom vanity. These specific outlets each have two AC and two USB-A ports, bringing a versatile solution to this project!

A Docking Drawer 15 amp Blade In-Drawer Outlet, featuring two AC and two USB-A ports.

The Steps

  1. Secure the drawer cutout template to the back of the bathroom vanity drawer.
  2. Use the correct tools to drill four holes into the drawer, as shown on the cutout template.
  3. Following the lines on the cutout template, use a jigsaw to cut out the designated space for the outlet on the back of the drawer.
  4. Place the outlet correctly into the cutout.
  5. Attach the outlet to the drawer with the four screws included in the package.
  6. Attach the outlet cover plate using the appropriate (included) screws.
  7. Align the arms and fasten the rear mounting brackets.
  8. Plug the outlet into the power source in the back cabinet wall.

Voilà! Behold the power of a clutter-free bathroom countertop.

The Results:

So, how did it go? Let’s review the stats:

Bathroom Vanity Drawer Outlet Installation #1

A hair dryer and an electric shaver neatly stored in a bathroom vanity drawer, powered by a Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer outlet.
  • Total Time for Installation: 50 minutes (with short breaks for filming, of course.)
  • Total Steps Completed Correctly: Six
  • Total Number of Bloopers: Two
    • Blooper #1: A jigsaw isn’t exactly a tool used in marketing or graphic design, so Kristen and Alyse had to video call Docking Drawer headquarters for some direction to ensure they were using the jigsaw safely and correctly!

    • Blooper #2: The initial drawer cutout was so close to being perfect, but it wasn’t quite wide enough, so Alyse and Kristen had to adjust their cut for the outlet to fit correctly.

Bathroom Vanity Drawer Outlet Installation #2

A hair dryer and a curling iron neatly stored in a bathroom vanity drawer, powered by a Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer outlet.
  • Total Time for Installation: 25 minutes 
  • Total Steps Completed Correctly: All eight
  • Total Number of Bloopers: None!

What Do You Think? Did They Make it Look Easy?

Ready for Your Next Project?

If you’re looking for a simple, smart, and safe solution to elevate your next project, check out our variety of in-drawer outlets. Perfect for drawers in your bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, closets, and more, our in-drawer outlets reduce surface clutter and can be installed by anyone with ease, in no time — you can take our word for it.

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