Built In Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Potential storage space is actually all over your home, you simply need to find it and convert it into usable space. 
Built In Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Today our drawers are serving more purposes than ever before. From keeping your countertops clean to organizing your they’re part of a growing trend of crisp, modern, beautiful home design. But many of us think our homes don't offer enough drawer space for storage. At Docking Drawer we say get creative and think outside the box! Potential storage space is actually all over your home, you simply need to find it and convert it into usable space. 

Here are five easy built in storage ideas you may not have not thought of:


1. Bathroom Storage

Rohan Vanity Organizer

Photo Credit: Rohan Designs

How well are you utilizing the space in your bathroom? Chances are that there is space that can be easily adapted into storage. Add pull-out drawers to the space under the sink. Your could also use a vertical, narrow space for a tall cabinet with pull-out drawers to organize your toiletries, hide dirty towels, or to add a Style Drawer Vertical Organizer by Docking Drawer. A cabinet installed in the space over the toilet may also provide a home for towels or other bathroom necessities and recessed storage is also becoming a popular trend.


2. Window Storage

Studio Dearborn window bench

Photo credit: Studio Dearborn

Almost every house has a standalone, awkwardly placed window—and you’re not quite sure what to do with it. No problem, we have your solution! Transform that weirdly placed window into splendid, comfortable seating with built in storage. Place your favorite books, magazines, or crossword puzzles there along with a comfy throw and it’s bound to become your new favorite room in the house!


3. Living Room Storage

Built In Living Room Console

Do you prefer the pristine look of white walls but have a lot of “stuff” that needs to be kept in your living room? Consider adding shelving to your wall and then adding custom built cabinet covers to hide it all. This is an up and coming trend that is proving popular in more modern floor plans. Ottomans with built in storage may also prove to be a great addition to your room—they provide a place for your feet while also storing extra blankets and pillows.


4. Stairway Storage

Under Stair Storage

Turn your stairway into more than just a way to get from one floor to another! A hot up-and-coming trend that you can get ahead of is adding drawers into the stairs! This is an excellent way to hide away items—including shoes. Best of all, they're incredibly easy to add because the space is already there behind you stairs. But if you don’t want to make each stair a drawer, here are more built in storage ideas for you: consider adding a closet beneath your stairs or a small cubby. Both would be attractive, functional, and could provide you with the extra storage you’re looking for.


5. Bedroom Storage

Built in nightstand headboard

Need some built in storage ideas for your bedroom? No problem! One of the easiest storage additions to the bedroom is the space under the bed. In a kid's room, smart bunk beds or a loft bed allow for built-in space to store toys, clothes, and other items. Bunk beds themselves are space saving in a room for two kids, but consider a loft bed for a smaller room for one kid. A loft raises the bed up, creating space for a dresser or even a desk under the bed. 

In an adult's room, the space under the bed can also be used to its full potential. Long, flat storage boxes are a perfect solution as a quick fix. But if you have time, a better looking storage option would be to add built-in drawers. Some bed frames come equipped with these, but they’re also a DIY project you can conquer in a weekend. Another popular trend is adding a headboard with floating side panels featuring Docking Drawer Charging Outlets. 

Bonus: Add a Docking Drawer In-Drawer Charging Outlet to your built-ins and store your cell phone there overnight. Not only will putting your phone away ensure it’s fully charged and ready to use in the morning—it will also help improve your sleep quality!

There are so many built in storage ideas that can be added to your home to help make it more functional. Have more? Be sure to share them with us. We’d love to include them in our next blog!

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