A Mistake Gone Viral

How one TikTok influencer was introduced to Docking Drawer in response to her post of a risky, homemade outlet solution.
Before Docking Drawer

When one now-Docking-Drawer customer, Valerie, first showcased her homemade drawer outlet on TikTok, she was surprised at the backlash of comments she received about this “unsafe”, “dangerous”, “illegal”, “uncertified” (and the list goes on) solution, pictured here:

Wrong way to install an in drawer outlet

When it comes to something as sensitive as electricity, using safe, certified products that are designed for the intended use is vital in order to avoid unnecessary hazards. Valerie didn’t know that such a solution existed on the market, so when we eventually came across this post ourselves, we joined the conversation to introduce her to our products.

Following a growing sense of unease about her homemade solution, Valerie was eager to replace her risky homemade drawer plug with one of our Docking Drawer Blade outlets. Not only are our outlets designed specifically for use inside of a drawer, but they include an interlocking safety feature that de-energizes the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120 degrees - something that’s especially important when working with vanity applications that are intended to power hot styling tools and accessories. And we think you’ll agree, the improvement from “before” to “after” is evident even at a glance!

Bathroom vanity drawer outlet

In addition to our Blade Series outlet, Valerie went a step further and added a few of our chrome canisters to safely hold hot tools while in use and keep styling accessories organized inside the drawer. Not only is Valerie’s new & improved styling drawer safer than the previous homemade solution, but Docking Drawer’s cable management arms now guide and protect the outlet’s power cord as the drawer opens and closes, adding full functionality back to her vanity drawer. Watch Valerie’s TikTok on making the swap, here!

Docking Drawer cable management arms

We came to market with the sole intention of providing consumers with a safe, quality solution for adding power inside the drawer - something that did not exist until we introduced our products in 2014. And safety and quality remain guiding principles of our brand and products to this day.

Aside from the cable management arms and patented interlocking safety feature that makes our outlets safe and functional for use inside of the drawer, we cycle test our outlets 500,000 times. This is well above the standard committee requirements of 25,000 cycles (or the equivalent of opening and closing a drawer every 15 minutes for over the span of 30 years) and ensures long-lasting durability. We use stranded cables for our outlets which allows for the flexibility needed for their intended use, and our products feature highly trusted Leviton outlets. For these reasons and more, Docking Drawer products are ETL Listed for use in the US & Canada and have become the trusted, go-to brand for trade professionals across the globe.

So while we encourage consumers to consider including in-drawer power in their projects for the benefit of clutter free countertops, we urge everyone to do it right the first time to ensure drawers maintain smooth and proper operation and that the resulting benefits can be enjoyed safely, with peace of mind. Learn more about how Docking Drawer outlets can be used to add purpose and functionality to your bathrooms.

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