4 Cool Things About 60W USB-C (PD) Outlets

Discover impressive features of 60W USB-C (PD) Outlets, such as the ability to rapidly charge devices and streamline your home tech setup.
60W USB-C (PD) Outlet

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, our reliance on smart devices has grown exponentially. From smartphones to laptops, tablets to wireless earbuds, our daily lives are intricately woven with the fabric of these gadgets. The demand for fast and efficient charging solutions has never been higher, driving innovation in power delivery methods. One advancement gaining traction is the 60W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Outlet. While this outlet technology is quickly becoming popular, it is often a pricier option when compared to its 30W counterpart as it is designed to serve the true on-the-go tech gurus who desire to have their devices fully charged at all times. We'll explore five impressive things about these outlets that make them a game-changer in the world of device charging.

1. Full-Powered Charging for Multiple Devices

Full-Powered Charging for Multiple Devices

With all of the smart devices we carry around each day, rarely do we need to only power one device—we typically need the convenience of charging multiple devices simultaneously without compromising on charging speed. With 60W outlets that feature two USB-C (PD) ports, each one can maintain a full 30W output when both are in use. This means that whether you're charging two smartphones or a smartphone and a tablet, both devices receive an optimal amount of power for efficient, faster charging. In contrast, with a 30W outlets featuring two USB-C (PD) ports, connecting two devices reduces the wattage to 15W, resulting in a longer charing times for power hungry devices. 

Being able to charge both devices at full speed is a true testament to the efficiency and usability of the dual 60W USB-C PD outlet. Its ability to quickly and fully charge multiple devices means that the ideal placement for these outlets is wherever you consider the core “hub” of your home to be—for many, that place is in the kitchen. For households with multiple members with on-the-go schedules and many smart devices, installing Docking Drawer’s 20 amp Blade Duo outlet into a kitchen drawer is the ultimate solution to help reduce countertop clutter and create a functional and beneficial addition to your space. 

2. Fast Charging For Fast-Paced Techies

Fast Charging For Fast-Paced Techies

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, it's not uncommon to find ourselves in situations where one of our devices (or several) is running dangerously low on battery power. Whether it's a forgotten overnight charge or an unexpected need for a quick power-up over a lunch break, having a reliable and efficient charging solution is essential to keep you on the go. This is where the 60W USB-C (PD) outlets come in, offering a variety of advantages that extend beyond what a standard wall charger can provide. A 60W USB-C (PD) outlet is designed to quickly replenish your battery and allow you to continue with your tasks without missing a beat. 

The optimized power delivery ensures that your tablet goes from drained to fully charged in a fraction of the time it would take with standard chargers—in fact, it can charge at twice the speed of what comes standard with most tablets. With its impressive power output, it can also rapidly breathe life back into your laptop, whether the battery is completely dead or you’re charging your laptop while in use, ensuring there is still power after you unplug. Smartphones and smaller devices can also be connected, although the benefits might not be as pronounced due to their lower power requirements. If you are looking for a future-proof solution for all of your high-tech charging needs, look no further than 60W USB-C (PD) technology.

3. Ability to Alleviate Low-Battery Anxiety

Ability to Alleviate Low-Battery Anxiety

In our fast-paced digital age, "low battery anxiety" has become an all too familiar sentiment. According to an LG survey, low battery anxiety is the overwhelming fear experienced as your smartphone battery dies, which leads to planning your life around your phone's terms rather than your own. This modern phenomenon creates unease and stress over the thought of potentially losing touch with essential functions and communication platforms that have become integral to navigating our day-to-day world. According to the LG Survey:

  • 90% of people panic about our phone battery dropping below 20 percent.
  • 32% of people will “drop everything” to head home and charge phones
  • 41% of people fear missed calls/texts when their phone is dead

60W USB-C (PD) Outlets have capabilities to alleviate these worries for individuals who rely heavily on their smart devices by offering rapid and highly efficient charging capabilities. No more having to worry about overnight charging for devices, as they offer the convenience and assurance of swift, reliable charging for our indispensable smart devices. It's a testament to how technology can genuinely enhance our lives, providing practical solutions that directly address the challenges we encounter in our everyday digital experiences.

4. Future-Proofed Technology

60W USB-C (PD) outlets

In the world of technology, a common concern from consumers is that they may invest in a product that could soon become obsolete. However, the 60W USB-C (PD) outlet will have a long life ahead. As of now, there's no widespread expectation for significantly higher-wattage USB-C outlets to emerge any time soon. 60W USB-C PD outlets also offer universal compatibility and feature thermoregulation mechanisms, ensuring safe and efficient charging while preventing overheating concerns. This means that investing in a 60W USB-C (PD) outlet can offer you a solid, safe, and reliable charging solution that will remain relevant and safe even as the tech landscape evolves over time. However, should this ever change, Docking Drawer outlets are intentionally designed to be easily updated with changing technology.

Does the 60W USB-C PD Outlet sound right for your needs? If so, explore our available in-drawer outlet configurations here. If you are still unsure, learn more about the difference between a 30W and 60W USB-C (PD) outlet, or feel free to reach out to our team—we are happy to help you find the best outlet solution for your Docking Drawer!


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