4 Charging Drawers: The Beginning of Docking Drawer

4 Charging Drawers: The Beginning of Docking Drawer

Our friends at Webber Coleman Woodworks recently sent us these pictures of a beautiful kitchen cabinet upgrade they did that featured four drawers, one for each family member's technology, each with their own Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical charging outlet inside. We couldn't help but get a little nostalgic when we saw these because Docking Drawer was started because of a request for four organizational drawers similar to these.

The Beginning of Docking Drawer

photo credit_Scott Dickey, the founder of Docking Drawer, didn't initially set out to create a new product. He was simply working on a remodel in his own home. During this remodel, his wife requested that he put in four drawers, one for each family member, with charging outlets in each one so everyone could have their own organized space to charge their devices.

Scott set out to make this request a reality, but quickly realized there were no in-drawer electrical outlet options available, and making one with supplies from the local hardware store would not be safe. Working as an electrical mechanical engineer, safety is always his main concern. He knew that pieced together solutions to add an outlet into a drawer were rudimentary workarounds, and these workarounds didn't take into consideration the many years of wear-and-tear these outlets would endure, nor did they include backup safety measures.

The bottom line: Scott he knew he could create a simple, safe and easy to install solution... so he decided to design his own.

After Scott created the first Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical outlets for his own home, he knew it was something worth sharing. He realized this was a product that many people would want, and he wanted there to be a safe option on the market for anyone to purchase and install.
Just 45 days after creating the first prototype, Scott debuted his product at The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). It was a hit.

And so, Docking Drawer was born.

Docking Drawer Today

It's been five years since Docking Drawer started, so it was great to get these pictures from Jessica at Webber Coleman Woodworks of her latest project that mirrors the founding of Docking Drawer. We have come a long way in these five years.

We now have a solid core offering of charging and powering outlets that offer more capacity and fit into standard cabinet layouts. We also have international solutions, and our projects have been installed in countless peoples kitchens and bathrooms, professional sport teams locker rooms, a few yachts, and more.

KBIS 2019 in Las Vegas is right around the corner. Docking Drawer will return to where our journey began to meet with all of the people who helped launch our company, both vendors and customers alike. We are excited to be bringing new ideas to the show to share with everyone, and can't wait to see you there!