15 amp Tri-Power Countertop Pop Up by Hubbell



15 amp Tri-Power Countertop Pop Up by Hubbell



When in-drawer outlets from Docking Drawer aren't feasible, Hubbell Pop-Up Outlets are an excellent alternative, meeting our high standards and outperforming all other options in the market.

Enhance Your Surfaces with the Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet

Experience a clutter-free environment with Hubbell Pop-Up Outlets, an additional solution to charging and powering your appliances and devices, similar to Docking Drawer's in-drawer outlets. Our products work together in harmony, each serving the purpose of bringing you the best in quality and function in your home. Seamlessly blending into your countertop's aesthetics, these pop-up outlets are among the most compact and shallow options on the market, measuring just a few inches deep. This ingenuity amplifies placement possibilities, especially on kitchen countertops. Elevating surfaces into practical charging stations, the 15 amp Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet promises power accessibility – be it your kitchen countertop, conference table, or sideboard. Struggling to find a spot to place your pop-up outlet? Explore our in-drawer outlets, also offered in a 15 amp option.

Seamless & Elegant Design

The Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet by Hubbell offers an unprecedented selection of seven distinct finishes, ensuring a flawless match for your interior design aspirations. Whether you lean toward the timeless white finish or embrace a bolder hue that complements your style, this countertop pop-up outlet effortlessly assimilates into the aesthetic of your space. With its minimalist design, including a mere 4” top diameter and an ultra-thin bezel measuring just 0.09” thick, the Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet complements your countertops without being a distraction. When you need to charge a device or power an appliance, a gentle press elevates the pop-up outlet to just 1.69” above the countertop, holding true to its low-profile design.

Unrivaled Functionality

Elevate your countertop into a space of efficiency and connectivity. The Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet has three charging options—one USB-A charging port, one USB-C(PD) charging port, and QI wireless charging—so that you can charge and power multiple devices and appliances simultaneously from one unit. Its versatile configuration includes an upside-down outlet, which is the ideal solution for accommodating those larger plugs often utilized with heavy-duty kitchen tools or even larger laptop chargers. Tested for water resistance and equipped with spill-proof technology (in both the up and down positions), the Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet by Hubbell is meticulously crafted to simplify your surface powering needs, even in areas prone to water exposure. Count on Hubbell for a hassle-free powering experience, whether you install the pop-up outlet in your kitchen, office, or living space.

Effortless & Secure Setup

The 15 amp Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet offers a straightforward installation process without compromising safety. Start by cutting a 3.5" round hole, followed by connecting your wires to the underside of the pop-up unit. Carefully lower the pop-up outlet into the hole, then finalize the installation by firmly securing it beneath the counter with the provided lock nut. This versatile countertop pop-up outlet accommodates both non-metallic sheathed cable and metal conduit, which can be easily managed through a wire clamp or a 1/2" knockout. To ensure the utmost safety, the pop-up outlet requires connection to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected circuit. We also offer a cord kit add-on, making installation a breeze for applications like nightstands and conference room tables. The Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet by Hubbell is UL Listed for countertop installation, having undergone rigorous testing to confirm its cables can endure high electrical levels and prevent excessive electricity flow. The pop-up function is proven to last for a minimum of 10,000 cycles, just one highlight of Hubbell's commitment to unwavering safety and durability.

What’s in the Box?
Hubbell 15 amp Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet
3 Charging Covers in White, Black & Gray
Installation Manual

Outlet Dimensions
Tower Height: 1.70” [43.1mm]
Base Height: 5.59” [142mm]
Ring Thickness: .09” [2.3mm]
Available Space for Countertop: .56" - 2.50"
Base Diameter: 4.55” [115.6mm]

Electrical Specs
Outlet Configuration: 2 AC
Current / Amperage Rating: 15 amp
Voltage Rating: 125V
Tamper Resistant: Yes

1-Year Warranty

Outlet Cut Out Size
Surface Mount: 4” outlet cut out and then the ring rests on top of the counter

Electrical Certifications*
UL Listed - UL 223A Listed for the US
cUL Listed - CSA Approved: The outlet ​​was tested by UL to CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards.
406.5(E) [countertops], 406.5(F) [work surfaces], and 406.5(H) [seating areas]: Pop up complies when installed vertically and on a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected circuit.
UL 498 Section 146: Built and listed to be water resistant to a half gallon of liquid spilled on the device.

*The Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has the final say on whether an installation meets the requirements of the Electrical Code.

Choose a Location

Select a location for the pop-up outlet that meets the following requirements:

  • Has 5” of space underneath the countertop that will not interfere with any drawers, appliances or other parts of your cabinetry.
  • Countertop thickness is between .56"-2.50"[14.3-63.5mm]
  • If using a Docking Drawer cord kit (sold separately 15 amp only), ensure a power outlet is within 7’ of the installation cut out for the power cord to reach.

Choose an Outlet

How many devices do you want to connect?

  • Up to 2 devices: Choose the 15 amp or 20 amp Countertop Pop Ups by Hubbell which offer 2 AC ports
  • Up to 4 devices: Choose the 15 amp or 20 amp Tri-Power Countertop Pop Ups by Hubbell which offer 1 AC, 1 USB-C (PD), 1 USB-A and QI Wireless charging top

Install the Outlet

  • Locate and drill the cut out in the countertop.
  • Remove the base from the housing and wire the unit by hardwiring or using Docking Drawer’s cord kit
  • Reattach the base and insert the pop up into the countertop opening
  • Hand tighten the lock nut to secure the pop up in place
  • Press the cover to pop up the receptacle and press again to close.

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