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Sillites outlet 15 amp white
Sillites Self Contained Receptacle £32.00
Comes in white or black to match the outlet environment Sleek and inconspicuous design looks nice installed anywhere Smallest 120V 15A outlet on the market takes minimal installation Accepts 1-2 sections of 12/2 or 14/2 Romex, allowing for daisy-chain wiring

Outlet Replacement Solutions

Docking Drawer’s selection offers a seamless solution for your outlet replacement needs. These outlets are designed for effortless integration into your existing spaces, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Easy Installation

Docking Drawer's replacements are crafted for easy installation, fitting into standard cabinet dimensions. This makes them an ideal choice for replacing an old outlet with a new one in both new constructions and renovations, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade to your power solutions. Each unit ensures safety and stability for a seamless electrical current distribution.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount with electrical installations. These outlets come with advanced safety features, including tamper-resistant receptacles. This feature is crucial in preventing accidental shocks, making the outlets safer, especially in households with children.

Reliable and Versatile

These outlets cater to various electrical needs and are suitable for various devices and appliances. Whether you're charging a smartphone or powering a kitchen appliance, they provide the reliability and versatility needed in a modern home.

Docking Drawer's replacements blend safety, convenience, and style, tailored to meet the demands of contemporary living spaces. Explore Docking Drawer's selection for a reliable and stylish upgrade to your home's electrical setup.