Why Choose Docking Drawer Outlets?

Why choose Docking Drawer? We were the first, and it's with our commitment to service, safety, and innovation that we've remained the market leaders of in drawer outlets.
Why Choose Docking Drawer Outlets?

We know  that you have options when selecting in-drawer electrical outlets, so why choose Docking Drawer? The answer is simple: we were the first, and we remain the best. Docking Drawer is committed to service, safety, and innovation. Here’s what sets us apart from others in the industry. 

Best in Customer Service

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First and foremost, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers, and we strive to offer our customers easy access to critical information and a direct line of communication to our team. In fact, we were just awarded the 2020 Best of Houzz Client Satisfaction awardContact our team to experience our award winning customer service first hand. We look forward to hearing from you!

Highest Quality Solutions 

Quality. That's the key word when it comes to anything electrical at Docking Drawer. Which is exactly why we provide high quality solutions for all power charging and powering needs. To ensure high quality, all Docking Drawer products are produced by Leviton, a company that is aligned with our goals of putting quality and safety first. 

Safest Products on the Market 

Safety isn’t a competition - but if it were, we would win. As part of our promise to provide the safest in-drawer charging and powering outlets on the market, our products feature a variety of safety mechanisms and are designed specifically to be used inside your drawers, not retrofitted to fit drawer spaces like some ad hoc solutions. Likewise, Docking Drawer outlets are all ETL Listed in the US and Canada - a higher distinction than ETL Recognized - and they will pass any official home or business inspection.

Docking Drawer charging outlets deliver a maximum of 3 amps of power and feature an interlocking circuit breaker for safety to prevent high power devices, such as appliances, from being used by mistake - and to keep your devices from overheating while charging.

Our powering outlets are designed for hair dryers, curling irons, mixers, small tools and other appliances requiring up to 20 amps of current. For optimal safety, our power outlets feature a UL Listed interlocking thermostat that cuts power to the outlet should the surrounding temperature in the drawer exceed 120˚F. And for our Canadian customers, we offer Interlock Box configurations, an additional safety feature that de-energizes our powering outlets when the drawer closes, allowing our in-drawer powering outlets to become the first and only CSA Listed outlet approved for specification in Canada.

Simple to Install

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Photo credit: Roy’s Wood Products

Since they come fully assembled, Docking Drawer outlets are the easiest in-drawer outlets in today’s market to install, guaranteed. Our products come with cutout templates and other literature to make installation a breeze. Plus, any and all information you or your electrician may need regarding proper installation of our outlets is easily accessible in our Support Library, which contains installation manuals, safety information, cutout templates, STEP files, and much more.

Smart Powering Solutions

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No more plugging and unplugging. Docking Drawer provides the most functional in-drawer powering solution on the market. Unlike competitor products, you’ll never have to plug and unplug your styling accessories or small appliances from your drawer outlet. Open your drawer or pull out your shelf, use your powered devices and neatly tuck them back away and out of site. It’s that easy.

Fast Charging Solutions

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We offer a variety of configurations with our in-drawer charging products, including AC, USB-A and USB-C with Power Delivery. USB-C technology has the ability to charge your devices in up to half the time, and is quickly becoming the standard in the US. We offer USB-C with Power Delivery configurations in our Blade and Blade Duo charging outlets. 

More than Just In-Drawer Outlets

charging grommets

Looking for more than in-drawer outlets? Docking Drawer has you covered! Some of Docking Drawer's other products include the Power Grommet, which installs on the top of your desk to power your devices and manage cords. Edge Mount Grommets are also available to provide power on the edge of your desk. And we recently introduced our new Style Drawer Powered Vertical Organizer - a vertical styling drawer that comes fully assembled with an integrated Style Drawer Blade Duo outlet.

Docking Drawer was the first company to provide products of this kind, and we remain the best! We are committed to creating innovative electrical products with the highest level of safety and quality in mind. We started out that way, and we're committed to continuing on that path.

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