Unplug & Unwind: Marie Flanigan Interiors Features Docking Drawer

Unplug & Unwind: Marie Flanigan Interiors Features Docking Drawer

Big thanks to Marie Flanigan Interiors who recently featured Docking Drawer in her blog post "7 Steps to Simplifying Your Home." 

She correctly points out that hiding our technological devices out of sight gives our minds and eyes a much needed break. With all of the smartphones, gadgets and tablets today, there is an intense pressure to continuously be connected. You might not even be aware of how often you're staring at a screen!

That's where the 'ol "out of sight out of mind" trick can come in handy. It's the same concept you use when you're trying to eat healthy: get the junk food off the counter and stored away so it's not the first thing you see. When you use a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet, you can safely store your electronics away with the added bonus that they will be charged and ready when you need them. 

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