Think Outside the Kitchen: Clever Uses for In-Drawer Outlets in Every Room of the House

Webber Coleman kitchen

For over 25 years, Webber Coleman Woodworks has delighted their clients across Georgia and beyond with exceptionally well-crafted custom cabinetry for both residential and commercial projects. A "Best of Houzz" award winner who is constantly raising the bar with beautiful new designs, we wanted to find out more about their approach to remodeling and the clever ways in which they integrate Docking Drawer into their clients' projects.

We recently sat with Jessica Webber, who helps run the family-owned business with her father.

What drives Webber Coleman?

First and foremost, we're very intentional and specific about being on time. If a contractor says they need cabinets on April 3rd, we'll be there at 7:30am on April 3rd. So many other cabinetmakers are unable to meet deadlines, which is terrible since late cabinets affect the whole project. When a client is remodeling, they're often staying out of the home, and a delay in cabinets is a huge inconvenience and can ruin the whole experience.

That's a great point! What else makes Webber Coleman unique in the cabinet field?

We're proud to be a family-run business, and it definitely sets us apart. With everything being Internet-based today, people love having a father-daughter business come into their home and be a part of their remodel. Our clients know their cabinets are being crafted locally - they can come see us anytime. It's a very rewarding experience for us and our clients. 

I also think I'm a bit of a differentiator. There aren't many women in this field, and as a female in her mid-30s, I find that I'm able to connect with my clients and make recommendations that others in the business find much more difficult because they don't always appreciate the needs of the client first-hand.

Absolutely! You even have the "Ask a Cabinet Lady" section on your website which is a great resource. It seems like a lot of the more recent answers you're providing are about organization and maximizing space - so what are some of your top tips for designing a great room while maximizing space and keeping things organized?

It comes down to the planning stage. If you can really think through what you need to store in a room, you might be surprised that you don't need as much storage as you'd think. You should think about what needs to go in each drawer and cabinet. You might even eliminate things you don't need which can leave you with a bigger shower in your bathroom or island in your kitchen. 

As part of that planning, I always ask my clients where they prefer to charge their electronics - and it's not always a one-size-fits-the-house answer! Mom might prefer to charge her iPad and cell phone in the kitchen and tuck them out of site, while Dad might prefer a charging station in the office or bathroom. Some clients will say they'll get their electrician to rig something up, but I always recommend Docking Drawer because it truly is the safest most reliable way to charge and power all of the family's devices while leaving the space free of clutter.

What other rooms have you used Docking Drawer in?

More and more, we're putting Docking Drawer in mudrooms and playrooms. Kids today have devices from a very early age, but the parents often want to curb the amount of screen time the kids are getting, while also keeping those gadgets charged and accounted for. So, we will often install cubbies in a mudroom or playroom, and each kid gets a drawer or shelf with a basket. Each drawer or shelf will include a Docking Drawer charging outlet and then the house rule becomes that the kids need to plug in all their devices before bedtime. It's great because it's all in one place, being charged and not in the kids' room overnight.

Webber Coleman mudroom

Very smart! Any other advice for people who may be remodeling now or planning a remodel in the future?

Don't just jump in even though you're excited! Spend the time upfront to make all of the decisions. The more time you spend upfront making decisions and overcoming roadblocks, the faster and smoother your whole project will go. If you want tiles that will take 6 weeks to arrive, you want to know that early on so that you can either choose a different tile or decide to start your project later.

I'd also recommend buying local. Yes, you can get just about everything on the Internet, but there is still a lot of value in buying from local suppliers. If you buy a faucet online but have an issue with it down the line, or even right out of the box, it will be a hassle to get the problem resolved and could delay your project. If you buy locally, you can usually get it fixed or resolved same day. Plus, local shops have a lot of knowledge that you can't find online.

Finally, do a lot of research on the contractors you use. If you're selecting a cabinetmaker, go see their shop in person. Make sure you love their work but also that you can build a great relationship with them because that is key to a stress-free remodel.


Huge thanks to Jessica Webber and everyone at Webber Coleman Woodworks for their insight and expertise. You can check out their website at and make sure to take a look at their beautiful project photos on Houzz and Instagram!

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