Solving the Struggle: Awkward Bathroom Outlets

How Docking Drawer was used by one customer to combat the all-too-common complaint of having too few or awkwardly placed bathroom outlets.
Solving the Struggle: Awkward Bathroom Outlets

Nobody wants to start their day with a struggle. Which was the case for this now-customer, Joshua, who’s only bathroom outlets existed on the outside of these dual vanity sinks, creating a hazardous web of cords and accessories crossing over the sink when devices were connected and in use.

Vanity with outlets in backsplash

In Joshua’s search to come up with a solution, he “thought about doing a new outlet in the center, just above the counter. But the look of 10 outlets just didn’t work.” That’s when he began researching alternative ideas, and landed on Docking Drawer. Not only would Docking Drawer solve the issue of powering styling tools and accessories awkwardly over the sink by adding a power source that would allow his family to power accessories from right inside the middle vanity drawer, Joshua found peace of mind in learning about our interlocking safety features that de-energize the outlet when surrounding temperature exceed 120 degrees.

“We found the Docking Drawer and loved the idea! Multiple outlets, hidden and [with a] safety switch are all GREAT ideas!” -Joshua

With the help of a few basic power tools and the 7 screws included in each package, this homeowner was able to install his Docking Drawer outlet into his existing vanity drawer himself by first running power to the back of the cabinet wall, then following our detailed cutout templates and installation instructions to specify the outlet inside the drawer.

Electrical connection for Docking Drawer in drawer outlet

And voila! You don’t need to be undergoing a design or remodel to add Docking Drawer functionality to your drawers. Now designed in a single compact size and with a corded electrical connection, it’s easier than ever to install Docking Drawer into any type of new or existing drawer to eliminate countertop chaos and create more balanced, organized –and in this case, sensible– spaces.

In drawer outlet in bathroom double vanity

While our in-drawer outlets are a great solution for bathrooms, which are notorious for having too few and awkwardly placed electrical outlets, they’ve become a standard feature in all sorts of other places, like kitchens, entryways, nightstands, office desks, closets and other drawers throughout residential and commercial spaces.

If you’re not already considering in-drawer power for your existing bathroom or bathroom design, what are you waiting for? Docking Drawer is a simple add-on that’s guaranteed to eliminate clutter from your vanity countertops and create the beautiful, highly organized and functional bathroom of your dreams.

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