Reduce Screen Time And Enjoy Life More With These 5 Tips

Did you know that by reducing your screen time, you can actually enjoy your life more, be more present for important parts of your day, and sleep better? 
Reduce Screen Time And Enjoy Life More With These 5 Tips

Are you reading this blog on your phone? Statistics show that 58% of the population utilizes their smartphones to tour websites. But that’s not all. According to one recent study, consumers now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones! But did you know that by reducing your screen time, you can actually enjoy your life more, be more present for important parts of your day, and sleep better? So, reduce screen time and start living a happier, healthier life with these helpful tips from Docking Drawer.

Screen Time Stats

1. Monitor screen time stats.

Use your iPhone screen time stats to see where you are spending most of your time. Screen time stats are available in the iOS 12 update. If you use Android, you’re not out of luck! Use the Android 9 Pie app to manage your screen time. You can also monitor the screen time for your kids or other family members using apps like Zift and unGlue. Make reducing screen time fun, by using screen time stats for a contest—see who can record the least amount of weekly screen time and at the end of the contest, have a desirable prize waiting for the winner. Gift cards, a spa day, or a dinner out are all great ways to reward screen-less behavior.

2. No phones at the table. 

Create a kitchen charging station and require everyone to stow their phones there during meals or family game time at the kitchen table. A charging station featuring a Docking Drawer Blade charging outlet will not only help to hide your tech, but it will charge it too! Another option is to place a basket in the middle of the kitchen table and require that all phones are muted and placed in the basket during meal times. Or, if you’re out to dinner, all the phones get piled in the middle of the table. Anyone who grabs their phone during the meal buys everyone else a round of drinks!

3. Use apps to set screen time rules. 

Put an app on your phone to help reduce your screen time. For example, AppDetox available for Android allows you to set rules on how you use your device. Best of all it will tell you when to put your screen down and enjoy life! Other apps such as Net Nanny and Our Pact allow users to monitor the screen time of their kids—so you can reduce screen time for them if needed. Or consider that cable and internet providers like Xfinity also offer parental controls.

Screen Time Night Stand

4. Keep your phone away from your bed. 

Using your phone as an alarm clock usually means that you stash it near your bed at night, thus tempting you to check Facebook and other apps overnight or first thing in the morning. But doing so can affect your sleep cycle! So instead of using your phone as an alarm, select a traditional alarm clock to ensure you jump out of bed ready to start the day. Or stash your tech in an in-drawer, bedside charging station where it’s not only stowed away overnight but charged up and easily accessible when you get out of bed to start your day! You can also create a charging station in your closet ensuring your phone is charged up and waiting for you once you’re dressed.

5. Set auto-responses 

This is a fun but little known feature of many mobile phones. You can utilize auto-responses for text messages during certain times of the day! Simple responses like, “I’ll reply after work” or “I’m driving right now but will get back to you soon” are great ways to take off the pressure off of constantly needing to check your phone. It will also let people know that you're not ignoring them—you’re simply not glued to your phone! Some additional times to consider setting auto-responses would be overnight, during meals, and while attending an event with family or friends.

There's a lot going on in your life. Don't waste it on your smartphone! Live your life more fully by reducing screen time. And if you’re interested in creating an in-drawer charging station in your home, be sure to check out in-drawer outlets by Docking Drawer.

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