Mitigate Fire Risks in Audio Visual Closets

One of the most popular applications for Docking Drawer's Safety Outlet with Smoke & Heat Sensor is the A/V closet. This low cost safety accessory cuts power to the outlet and connected equipment at the first sign of smoke or rapidly rising heat, stopping fires before they start and protecting your home and expensive equipment.
smoke detector in audio video closet

"One of the most common applications for our Safety Interlock Outlet with Smoke and Heat Sensor is an audio visual closet. In this video, we can see we have a 19 inch rack that's full of electrical equipment. If this were to catch fire, it's in a confined space, and it would very quickly engulf the home or the business where it's located.

In this situation, I've installed a safety interlock outlet which is powering the entire 19 inch track. The smoke and heat sensor is routed up through a channel and is mounted on the ceiling. I like to use a product called Cord Mate to cover the cords that trail up the wall, like you see here. 

Now this entire space is protected by the addition of the Safety Interlock Outlet with Smoke and Heat Sensor.

If the temperature reaches 129 degrees or if there's any smoke whatsoever from any of this equipment, all the power to the entire audio rack is going to be immediately shut off. It's just another situation where we can really mitigate the risk of fire."

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