Kitchen Remodel Featuring a Charging Station & More

Kristin's kitchen remodel eliminated countertop clutter with the installation of a charging station, drawer organizers, and a below-counter microwave drawer.
Kitchen remodel

During a remodel to create a larger, more cohesive space between the living room and kitchen, Kristin implemented a charging station as a dropzone for all of her family's devices. Now, her countertops are clutter-free and everyone in the household can easily find their powered devices. Kristin went all-out on the organization of this space, including implementing Salt by Sabrina expandable drawer organizers, installing a below-counter microwave drawer, and more!

Video Transcript:

“So before we decided to renovate, our house kind of had one area that was just where all the junk, the mail, and all our charging stuff went on. Took up all the space on the counter, and it just looked junky all the time. We redesigned this kitchen. We put in this Docking Drawer. It's really just been a great space to put everything to kind of hide it. Now we know where all the chargers are and where the phones are and anything else we need to charge AirPods and watches. Storage has been really great. We can just close it up and everything is gone, and everything looks neat and tidy.”

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