Kitchen and Bathroom Drawers Must Be Dressed: Charging Station by Docking Drawer

Kitchen and Bathroom Drawers Must Be Dressed: Charging Station by Docking Drawer

You don't like to be underdressed for occasions-so why would you let your drawers suffer the same fate? Dress up your kitchen and bathroom drawers with the same smart, versatile style you keep in your closet. Transform boring drawers into solution centers with drawer goods made for outfitting today's kitchen and bathroom drawers. It's easier than ever to keep drawers clean, organized, and beautiful for whoever has the luck of opening them! 

Light Em Up: Light is a fundamental part of life, one that noticeably affects our well-being. For instance, the bright, cool white light of morning is very different from the warm glow of candles in an otherwise darkened room.  That's why adding under cabinet LED lights can help add value to kitchens or just about any room where extra light is needed.

Perfect Your Hardware: Accessories are never just an afterthought-they make or break your outfit. Drawer hardware shouldn't be an afterthought either-after all, they make your drawer's first impression. Choose hardware that is soft and classy or loud and flashy. Bring your personality to your drawers-and let everyone see it.


Paint Your Cabinets & Drawers: Lipstick and neckties come in a variety of shades-why shouldn't your cabinets and drawers? Instead of simple oak or maple finishes, dress up the look of your kitchen or bathroom with a pop of color. 2016 may be white hot, but red, teal, and even gray are classy choices.

Add Storage: If you've ever opened a drawer and had to dig for what you needed, you could use some additional drawer storage. Dividers come in a variety of shapes, styles, and prices. Sleek white plastic dividers for forks and knives are budget-friendly while high-scale bamboo dividers offer your drawers a more expensive look. Choose your dividers with the same conviction you'd choose a dress for Saturday night out-they aren't just storage, they're a statement.


Install a Docking Drawer: You have a routine to get charged up for a night out-give your drawers the same opportunity. Install a Docking Drawer charging station, built specifically to keep your drawers modern and the devices you're tucking into your pocket or handbag juiced up.

Need more ideas? Non slip mats are a simple addition which are easy to install and will keep your odds and ends in place. Upscale dividers keep everything organized while drawer slides keep your drawers opening and closing smoothly.

There are no limits to dressing up your drawers in their Sunday finest. Best of all, it doesn't take a sky-high budget to create a little bit of drawer magic. 


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