How to Create a Printer Pullout Drawer

Don’t let bulky office equipment take over your home workspace. Here’s how to create a dedicated printer pullout with Docking Drawer.
office printer in cabinet outlet

Like many Americans in the age of COVID-19, working from home is likely to have become part of your new daily routine. And for many, this shift in working environment is here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future). Whether you already had a home office to settle into or you’ve since created a dedicated home workspace, there’s one challenge that most of us can relate to: what to do with that bulky home office equipment. Nothing can ruin the aesthetics of an otherwise beautiful office space quite like those unsightly printers and scanners, so without further ado, we’re going to show you how to create a powered printer pullout with Docking Drawer.

How to Create a Printer Pullout Drawer

Powered Printer Drawer drawings

As you can see in these drawings from Jewett Farms, a printer pullout can be incorporated into your custom office furniture design, or it can be added into existing office furniture when space allows.

Printer Drawer cabinet closed

If you’re working with existing furniture, you’ll want to determine your drawer type, measure your drawer, and ensure you have sufficient space to add a Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet into your project. 

Docking Drawer outlet printer drawer

Next, you’ll want to specify an in-drawer electrical outlet, like our Docking Drawer Blade (part # 1514-160W), which will allow you to power your printer from right inside your drawer. Our rigorously tested, ETL Listed in-drawer outlets feature arms, like you see above, which will help to guide the power cord as you open and close the printer pullout drawer so your printer cords move seamlessly with your drawer and equipment as the drawer is opened and closed.

Powered Printer Drawer with outlet

Before you know it, you’ll have a fully functioning printer pullout drawer of your own, allowing you to easily pull your equipment out when needed, then neatly tuck it back in and out of site when you clock out for the day.

Docking Drawer home office products

Head over to our website for even more ways to enhance the functionality, organization and overall aesthetics of your home office with desktop and edge mount charging grommets, dedicated device charging drawers and more.

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