Hip Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Hip Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, it's important to dream big. That's because everything from your shower to your tile can now speak to your unique personality. The bathroom remodel industry is huge and it's only steaming ahead as we approach the end of the year. Below, we're sharing some of the very best bathroom remodel ideas that we've come across over the last few weeks, ensuring your bathroom stays as hip as possible.

Walk-In Showers: The good thing about a walk-in shower is that it is functional no matter how large or small your bathroom is. Between clean lines and elegant efficiency, a walk-in shower can give your bathroom a modern look without too much work. Don't be afraid to use glass for your walk-in shower. While many people may shy away from it, glass can actually make smaller rooms appear larger and they tend to allow much more light to reflect around the room.

Large Windows: Large bathroom windows are not only helpful when letting natural lighting into the room, they can help inspire entire spaces! There are many ways to incorporate large windows that also help to protect a bathroom goer's modesty including frosted glass and textured glass. If you prefer to go with a clear view, consider shutters or a light, filmy current to help balance the space but still provide the proper amount of privacy.

Choose A Pattern: When homeowners think of patterns, they tend to think of bright colors and bold shapes. This isn't always the case. Best of all, when it comes to your bathroom, there are plenty of interesting patterns you can utilize to make the room interesting. If you're not comfortable adding something loud to your walls then just hang up patterned hand towels, a shower curtain, or some rugs. Tiled baseboards are also a great way to incorporate some color into your bathroom.

Update Your Toilet: When you think about a bathroom that is wow-worthy, your toilet probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Still, toilets are an important element to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and it's just as important as your hardware or tiling choices! Choose from one or two-piece toilets, toilets with higher tanks, in-wall toilets, high-seat toilets and much more. Don't even get us started on the colors! 

Install a Docking Drawer: When your bathroom could use an extra powering or charging source, invest in an outlet by Docking Drawer. A Docking Drawer Outlet can provide an extra power source for everything from your curling iron to your flat iron to your blow dryer. They can also charge tablets, watches, and mobile phones while you're getting ready. Additionally your Docking Drawer can be hidden away in your cabinetry, keeping the rest of your bathroom clutter-free.

If you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom, we hope you'll take our above suggestions into consideration! Need more bathroom remodeling ideas? We've got them for you!


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