Henry’s Mahogany Sideboard, Docking Drawer Furniture Installation

"I can't say enough about Docking Drawer. It was really easy to install, it works really well. Totally worth it." Hear Henry share details about his experience installing an in-drawer outlet into a custom-built sideboard furniture drawer.
in drawer charging outlet installed in custom furniture sideboard


“Hey, guys, I'm Henry. This is my new mahogany side board. I just wanted to take a little minute and show it to you. The whole goal of this project is we always had this mass of coiled chargers taking up room on our kitchen counter, and I wanted to eliminate that. So we built this little standalone piece of furniture to incorporate it [a dedicated charging drawer]. 

I was doing some searching on the internet, and I found this really cool company called Docking Drawer, and they had this awesome solution that enabled us to put a charging outlet inside of the drawer. If you look at it, it's got this really clean look. 

You can order with all kinds of different outlet options. You get normal standard outlets –outlets with USB-C ports or just [AC ports or] USB-A ports– that allow you to charge whatever you want to charge.

And the best thing about it is that there's a thermal interlock feature in there so if the temperature inside the drawer gets too high, it cuts the power to everything. These things aren't cheap.

And I did a lot of thinking about ways I could DIY this, and there's definitely ways to make it work –BUT– when it comes to electrical safety and enclosed spaces, definitely something you don't want to compromise on. 

And I can't say enough about this. It's just been a really easy thing to install. It works really well. It's totally worth it.” 

-Henry, Docking Drawer Customer

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