Get inspired! Docking Drawer Applications by Room

Got Docking Drawer outlets? They’re practically perfect for adding outlets and reducing clutter in every room of your home.
Style Drawer Blade Duo outlet in bathroom vanity

Got Docking Drawer outlets? They’re practically perfect for adding outlets and reducing clutter in every room of your home. And from your kitchen to your laundry room to your bedroom, you’re sure to find a use for Docking Drawer’s unique powering and charging in-drawer technology.  But if you’re not sure how to include Docking Drawer outlets in every room, these ideas are sure to inspire you!


Kitchen charging drawer


Kitchens often become cluttered messes because of all of our gadgets and cords. Not only do we power many a small kitchen appliance (mixers, blenders, can openers, toasters, coffee makers)  but storing them all on the counter and utilizing one or two outlets for all the various cords can be such an inconvenience! So stop pulling out your hair. Install a Style Drawer Blade in-drawer powering outlet to your pull out pantries to neatly stow and power your small appliances, and create dedicated charging stations (for those phones, tablets and more) by adding a Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer charging outlet to your available cabinet drawers. You’ll end up with the extra outlets you need without ruining the clean aesthetic of your kitchen. Discover more ways to maximize your kitchen space with Docking Drawer outlets.



vanity drawer outlet for hair dryer

Keep your bathroom organized and clear of the countertop cord clutter that’s often associated with various styling accessories, such as hair dryers and electric shavers, tucked out of sight. Add Docking Drawer powering outlets into vanity drawers to instantly create more space than ever before to your pristine bathroom countertops. Or if your space allows for a vertical organizer, our new fully assembled and ready to install Powered Vertical Organizer drawer might just be the perfect solution!



outlet in nightstand

We all know that we should reduce screen time right before we go to bed. But it's hard with our devices sitting there right next to us. Fix the problem by installing Docking Drawer outlets in your nightstand or dresser drawers. They will help you tuck your phones and tablets away so you can sleep better. Additionally, if you find yourself dependent on a CPAP machine,  Docking Drawer charging outlets can supply in-drawer power to CPAP machines while helping to keep those bulky (but necessary) cords and accessory clutter to a minimum at your bedside. Find out other ways Docking Drawer outlets in your nightstand can help to create more functional and aesthetic bedroom spaces.

Mudroom or Entryway

Mudroom furniture ideas

This is one space in the home where  Docking Drawer outlets really come in handy! Install a Docking Drawer Blade, In-Drawer Charging Outlets into the drawers or cabinets of your mudroom or entryway furniture to create charging stations for every member of your family—including Fido! Charge smart phones, tablets, fitbits, USB flashlights, and more. That way when you want to enjoy some quality time as soon as everyone is through the front door, smart tech that needs a charge can be easily stored and charged in mudroom drawers ensuring it’s ready whenever you are.

Laundry Room

Laundry room charging drawer

Not only is your laundry room a place for clean and dirty clothes but it's often a space to store your overflow. So install Docking Drawer outlets to make this "extra stuff" storage all encompassing! For example, our in-drawer charging outlets will allow you to create a charging drawer for pet gadgets, running or fitness watches, or even ironing supplies. Plus, pull out cleaning pantries—an upcoming trend—are the perfect addition to any laundry room. Store cleaning supplies including your handheld Dyson vacuum, steam mops, and the like here until they’re needed. A Docking Drawer Blade charging outlet will ensure all your cleaning appliances are charged and ready when you reach for it! We offer more laundry room storage ideas in this blog.



Docking Drawer in playrooms

Today, kids have constant access to screen time. But many parents like to curb the amount of screen time their littles are getting while also keeping gadgets charged and accounted for. Sound like you? Why not add Docking Drawer charging outlets to your playroom furniture drawers! You can assign a cubby to each child as a place to store and charge his or her tablet or other tech. Plus it's a great way to keep devices out of kids' bedrooms at night while keeping them ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Living Room

Plug in living room furniture drawer

You and your family probably spend most of your time in the living room. For many, it’s the heart of your home! There’s also plenty of furniture with lots of hidden, unused storage space. So why not install Docking Drawer outlets to help keep everything organized? Add Docking Drawer charging outlets in available drawer spaces within end tables or coffee tables to power bluetooth speakers or charge your favorite handheld device while you catch up on Netflix. Or consider adding a Docking Drawer Blade charging outlet to your often underutilized entertainment center to power your family’s favorite gaming systems while those cords remain neatly tucked away.

Space Under the Stairs

charging drawer in space under stairs

The space under the stairs is often an under-utilized area. And similar to your mudroom or playroom, it is a great place to install cubbies for storage. Include Docking Drawer outlets in various cubbies and assign one to every person in the family for device charging, powering, and storage. Want more ideas for how to better utilize the space under your stairs? Check out this blog post!



closet charging drawer

Seems like our closets get bigger and bigger. And the bigger they get, the more time we spend in them! Wouldn’t it be nice if your tech could be within reach, getting all charged up for the day but without cluttering limited surface space with a mess of cords and various devices? Install a Docking Drawer Blade or Blade Duo Charging Outlet into your closet furniture to keep all of your wearable tech (like Fitbits, Apple watches, bluetooth earbuds and more) charged up and ready to leave the house when you do!

Whether you’re installing our in-drawer outlets into your pantry, cabinets or furniture, every room in your home would benefit from improved functionality with the addition of Docking Drawer‘s hidden electrical solutions! Need help choosing the right application for your needs? Contact our team and let us show you why we were voted #1 in Customer Service by Houzz!

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