Blade Outlet Saves The Day In Two Belated Installation Requests

Blade Outlet Saves The Day In Two Belated Installation Requests

More and more people are discovering in-drawer charging outlets to organize and clear technology clutter. Sometimes it happens early in the life of the project, but many times it's often at a later stage-like when cabinets have already been ordered or after the updated kitchen is already being put into place. The good new is that no matter when you discover how perfect in-drawer outlets are for your project, there is a safe, ETL-listed solution that can be installed to help keep your countertops clutter-free and your tech tucked out of sight.

The all-new Blade Series in-drawer charging outlets by Docking Drawer are an easy to install solution to the often belated in-drawer outlet request. Unlike prior in-drawer outlets which required drawers to be heavily modified, Blade outlets can be installed into almost any standard, custom, framed or frameless cabinet as-is which saves the not only time but also the added costs of purchasing a shortened drawer box.


Recently, Blade outlets were used in two separate, late-stage projects designed by Studio Dearborn: Pirates Cove and the Barry Project. Both projects featured inset cabinets within the kitchens-a popular hub for socialization and tech use in both families. Sarah Robertson at Studio Dearborn turned to the experts at Docking Drawer for help with their late-stage requests for in-drawer outlets in their kitchen. The newly released Blade series was the perfect charging outlet for the job, being fit into the project late in the installation stages quickly and easily. Using the electrical planning guide found in the Docking Drawer Resource Library, both families were able to create kitchen charging stations with no problems.


"No matter what challenge I throw at Docking Drawer, they always have a powering or charging outlet that is perfectly in line with the needs of my clients," said Sarah Robinson of Studio Dearborn. "We're always glad to work with them as their level of professionalism and innovation is second to none."


With Blade, customers who are coming to Docking Drawer incredibly late in their installation have received an excellent ETL-Listed product. What is more, they get it installed with no costly alterations to their project. We're always pleased to turn the feedback from our partners and customers into fresh, new products that make their lives simpler.

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