Bedroom Organization: 3 Tips Based on Your Personality

We have the three tips you need to maximize your bedroom organization habits based on your lifestyle and personality.
Bedroom organization

Bedroom Organization: 3 Tips Based on Your Personality

Whether you are a night owl who enjoys reading before bed, a person who is always on the go, or someone with a passion for fashion, we have the three tips you need to keep your bedroom organized for your lifestyle

Bedroom organization for the “late-night reader”

If you prefer to calm your mind at night by reading, then optimizing the space on your nightstand or bedside table is a key function of your bedroom organization. Below are important tips to create a simple, clean space for your leisure.

Bedroom organization

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Install nightstand drawer organizers

The nightstand drawer often becomes the “junk drawer” of the bedroom, and installing an adjustable drawer organizer can be a smart solution for cluttered bedside drawers. Whether your nightstand houses TV remotes, reading glasses, self-care products, books, electronics or other miscellaneous items, having an organized way to quickly find the items you need will create the peace of mind you desire at the end of a busy day. Installing adjustable drawer dividers in your nightstand not only allows you to completely customize your item storage, but also easily adapts to any future changes to your evening routine.

Choose the best lamp for your bedside table

While creating order in your nightstand drawer is important, having a clear space on the top of your bedside table is equally impactful for your overall bedroom organization. What is a common item you may not realize impacts the usage of your nightstand? Your bedside lamp. Depending on the size of your bedside table, if your lamp is too short and/or has too large of a lampshade, it can visually clutter the space beside your bed. A good rule of thumb is to find a lamp at least 20 inches tall to ensure there is enough height between the bottom of the lampshade and your bedside tabletop to accommodate your pre-bedtime reading essentials.

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Abraham’s nightstand charging drawer

Store & charge reading devices inside your nightstand

Clearing your nightstand tabletop of clutter and ensuring your essentials are organized inside your bedside drawer will create a clean space, but what can you do to hide the web of wires you need to charge your reading electronics? Whether you choose to read on an e-reader, tablet, or even your smartphone, your devices need a dedicated space to charge that is easily accessible from your bed. Luckily, you can easily install in-drawer outlets –like this Docking Drawer Blade (1514-110W) outlet with 2 AC & 2 USB-A ports or this Docking Drawer Blade (1514-120W) outlet with 4 USB-A ports– directly into your drawers to charge devices, choosing the configuration of charging ports that will work best for your needs. From standard nightstands to floating nightstands and other bedside tables, these outlets integrate seamlessly into existing furniture drawers and allow you to create the most organized bedside charging station.


Bedroom organization for the “on-the-go planner”

Whether you are constantly juggling the schedules of your family’s extra-curricular activities or balancing your daily commute and active social calendar, keeping an organized bedroom can be a challenge. We have important tips to help keep your bedroom (and yourself) ready for whatever the day throws your way.

dresser organizer

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Maximize storage space for quick cleanups

When you’re on the go, it is easy to begin bringing items into your bedroom that don’t belong and cause unnecessary clutter. Just because you have a packed schedule does not mean your bedroom has to be in disarray. Incorporating functional storage décor is a smart solution for keeping your bedroom looking clean and neat when you have a packed schedule. Furniture pieces like storage ottomans and decorative baskets allow you to quickly hide things from view. Of course, the goal is to actually keep your bedroom organized, so plan to clean out your storage items weekly and place things that don’t belong in your bedroom (kids’ toys, pet toys, work bags, living room blankets, etc.) back where they belong.

dresser organizer

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Keep all of your devices charged in one place

Two of the most frustrating things for a busy person: realizing you have forgotten one of your devices at home and/or discovering that one of your devices does not have enough battery to last through your current activity. Both of these scenarios are more likely to happen if your devices are not being charged and stored in one central place in your bedroom. Organization for your smartphone, smartwatch, headphones, tablet, and even laptop can be made simple with products like the Docking Drawer Blade Duo, which has a variety of ports to both charge and power up to eight devices. The best part? It can be installed directly into your existing dresser or built-in closet drawer so all of your charging wires are safely and securely hidden out of sight.

Bedroom organization

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Dedicate space for dirty laundry

One of the main household chores your bedroom is used for is sorting and putting away laundry. When you are moving quickly, it can feel easy to just toss clothing on the floor; however, utilizing a stylish laundry hamper takes no more effort and will keep your bedroom clean until it is time to do laundry. Choose a hamper that matches the aesthetic of your bedroom, is large enough to accommodate a week’s worth of laundry, and has the appropriate amount of sections that align with how you choose to wash your laundry (lights, darks, delicates, etc.). If you have other members of your household, be sure to add laundry hampers in their spaces to keep all bedrooms well-organized.


Bedroom organization for the “fashion-fanatic”

If you have a flair for fashion, it likely means you have a large wardrobe. Of course, both your bedroom dressers and built-in closet dressers play an important role in the organization of your clothing and accessories. We have smart, simple and safe solutions to help you optimize your style and your space.

dresser organization

Wearable tech charging drawer

Store your wearable tech with other accessories

From smartwatches and smart earphones to smart glasses and fitness trackers, wearable tech devices are quickly becoming staples in everyday attire. Treating your wearable electronics as true accessories enhances your daily function and style. For convenience, consider storing your devices in a dresser drawer or even a built-in closet drawer located alongside your other important accessories, like jewelry, belts, ties and hats. With products like the Docking Drawer Blade Duo  outlet, which enable you to connect devices within your existing furniture drawers, your wearable tech pieces will fit into your space seamlessly.

bedside table organizer

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Stay in-season with under-bed organization

There is no doubt that the bedroom of a fashion enthusiast holds a variety of clothing for every occasion and season; however, this can often lead to problems with adequate storage. So, what is a simple solution? Under-bed storage. When it comes to bedroom organization, your bed likely takes up a large amount of space in your room that is not being utilized. Whether you choose to purchase a bed with built-in storage drawers or purchase specific under-bed storage bags, you can easily hide out-of-season pieces and ensure your bedroom dresser and closet spaces are filled with season-appropriate clothing.

dresser organizer

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Use clothing-specific drawer organizers

It is no secret that if there is not a dedicated space in your bedroom for an item, it is likely to be put in a place it does not belong. While there are many generic drawer organizers available, choosing those that are specific to your clothing needs will help maximize the space in your furniture as well as simplify your day-to-day bedroom organization. For example, organizers with multiple smaller spaces for socks, undergarments, etc. are great for top drawers in your bedroom furniture, while wider, slimmer storage organizers may better suit sweaters or pants. These solutions help eliminate the guesswork when putting away your clothing and make maintaining a clean, well-organized bedroom more manageable.


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