An Interview with Heartwood Cabinetmakers

Almost every project of ours includes a powering drawer.” Hear why long time customer Chris Goddard of Heartwood Cabinetmakers includes Docking Drawer in nearly every customer project.
Blade Duo in Heartwood Cabinet Maker kitchen

Chris Goddard of Heartwood Cabinetmakers is a long-time Docking Drawer customer who says that these days, "almost every project of ours includes a powering drawer”. And since Chris has firsthand experience with the installation simplicity and affordability of our NEW Blade Series outlets, we thought we’d go right to the source for this customer story.

Kitchen Blade Duo in drawer outlet

This recent Docking Drawer Blade Duo 15 amp installation by Heartwood Cabinetmakers gives us all the feels! Is there anything better than starting your day with a fresh cup of coffee, a fully charged phone and views of the fresh fallen snow? If you can think of something, we’d like to know! 😋

How has Docking Drawer improved your projects?

“We originally started engineering outlets into drawers before Docking Drawer was available to us. Countless hours were spent coordinating electrical strategies and explaining the necessary steps to electricians to achieve desired outcome. Docking Drawer units have greatly simplified the planning process and provided seamless applications wherever needed.”

How is the installation process?

“We build our cabinetry to accommodate the specifications required by Docking Drawer and install ourselves. [The included] cutout templates are very helpful, the new spec book is on point and selecting the correct unit is simple, especially with the new 15amp model.”

Why do you include Docking Drawer outlets in your projects?

“These days people need a location for charging devices that’s safe and convenient. Having a drawer designated for charging or powering takes the "where did I plug my phone in" question out of the equation. Eliminating long charging cords in high traffic areas keeps people and devices safe from accidents.”

Heartwood Cabinet Makers testimonial

What makes our newest line of in-drawer outlets so much simpler to select and specify, compared with previous solutions?

  • Now one solution both charges and powers any type of device, from cell phones to hair dryers, toaster ovens and more.
  • Designed 20% smaller to easily fit any drawer type.
  • Designed in one size with shared specs.
  • ALL outlets now feature a corded electrical connection so they simply plug into the power source behind the drawer, simplifying electrical planning.

But that’s not the only reason our new line of in-drawer outlets are already making it into a record number of projects. Here are a few other key features and benefits of the new Blade Series outlets:

  • Now priced by configuration, with outlets priced up to $80 less than previous equivalents.
  • Now available in any finish for the same price point (black, white and stainless steel).
  • All outlets still include all the interlocking safety features we’re known for and are ETL Listed for specification in the US & Canada.

Start specifying our NEW Blade Series outlets now to experience the benefits firsthand!

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