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February 28, 2019 2 min read

It's important to us that the Docking Drawer outlets you receive are of top-shelf quality. That's why the design of Docking Drawer outlets coincides with our message of safety. You've read about cycle testing in our blog—the rigorous process all of our outlets go through to ensure they last. But what about the actual creation of our products? What about the parts and pieces that are able to resist wear and tear long term? How are they engineered to ensure safety?

Smart design

Docking Drawer Mechanical ArmsBefore we can perform cycle testing on our outlets, it's important that we put thought into how the outlet is designed so the cycle testing is successful. The most stress occurs on the arms of the outlet—the part that bends and moves every time you open your drawer. And it's this part of the outlet that truly sets Docking Drawer solutions apart from ad hoc solutions as well as our competitors. That's because we use stranded cables for our outlets which allows wiring to flex but not break. Additionally, strain reliefs provide a transition from a flexible cable to a rigid connector which relieves the mechanical force applied to the exterior of the cables from being transferred to the electrical terminations. All cables are held in place in our outlets with the help of strain reliefs. These enhance the flex life performance of the cables.

Keeping safety in mind

Docking Drawer Safety CertificationsIn order to secure our ETL, UL, CSA, RCM, and CE certifications, a safety laboratory must determine if a device is suitable for use in its intended application. This is why Docking Drawer is suited for a lifetime in a drawer while a power strip from your local drugstore or Amazon is not. It's true that a power strip bought on Amazon is UL Listed. But the UL standard for general purpose power strips doesn't test  for functionality in a moving drawer. Additionally, the cord of a general purpose power strip is not manufactured to manage the wear and tear that occurs when a drawer is being repeatedly opened and closed, which is why, unlike our outlets, they aren't approved or safe for use in a moving drawer. Docking Drawer outlets are evaluated to both the requirements in the standard and for suitability in its intended application. Also, because they are listed, they pass formal inspections in buildings and homes.

Setting the standard

As the market leader of in-drawer electrical outlets, Docking Drawer takes design and safety of our products seriously. We are committed to charging and powering today's connected lifestyle with innovative solutions. To learn more about our outlets, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, chat, or email.