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January 17, 2019 3 min read

The New Year is here - happy 2019! Have you stuck to your list of new year's resolutions yet?

Coming up with new year's resolutions may seem daunting, but the truth is they don't all have to be huge, monumental changes to still make a big impact. Making small, tangible and more manageable resolutions can help you actually stick to them and feel accomplished past the first few weeks of the year.

We have an idea, why not resolve to keep your counters clearer in the new year? Having clean countertops can help reduce stress and boost morale. Just think about how much nicer it is to come home to a clean kitchen! It can also make preparing meals easier by giving you more room, and by helping you find what you need when you need it.


To help you accomplish this new year's resolution with ease, we've pulled together these 6 tips to help you keep your counters clutter-free in the new year.

1. Create a designated drop-off space for mail and keys.

Your kitchen counters tend to be the drop-off space for random items throughout the day: mail, keys, sunglasses, phones, more mail...the list goes on. Resolve to not use your counters as the drop zone by creating a designated drop zone elsewhere, maybe on a side desk or entryway table. Have a catch-all "junk" bowl where you can deposit keys and mail right when you walk in. (Just make sure you also resolve to go through this bowl once a week to keep it from getting out of hand.)

2. Eliminate cord clutter while still charging your electronic devices.

In-drawer electrical outlet store cordsOne of the biggest causes of daily countertop clutter is all of the cords and charging electronic devices. Cell phones, laptops, iPads, fitness trackers, headphones - so many devices these days need to be charged. Instead of doing this on top of your counter, create a charging station in one of your cabinet drawers by installing a Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer charging outlet.

These outlets are simple to add to any project, can charge up to 8 devices at a time, and can be installed into virtually any existing drawer that is at least 15" wide. They're also safety tested and certified well above national and international safety standards. Smart, simple, safe.

3. Hang everything you can hang.

The more everyday items and appliances you can hang, the better. This allows you to get things off your counters, but still access them just as easily. Paper towel holders, wine racks, microwaves, and coffee cups can all be hung. You can even hang a metal strip to hold your knife set, rather than having a bulky knife holder taking up space.

4. Only keep appliances out that you use every single day.

It only takes a matter of seconds to pull out an appliance that you need to use, yet many people tend to store things on their countertops rather than away in a cabinet. Do you really use your KitchenAid mixer, George Foreman grill or teapot every single day? If not, store them away and voila, more clear counter space.

5. Clean out your pantry.

When our pantries get full and cluttered, stuff tends to start spilling out onto the kitchen counters. Spices, cereal, snacks and coffee are some of the biggest spillover culprits. Take some time to throw away expired cans, condiments, granola bars, etc. so you can more easily access your pantry food items.

6. Use vertical cabinet organizers to access stored items easier.

Make your cabinets work better for you by getting vertical cabinet organizers. These organizers help you maximize your cabinet space by pulling all the way out so you can easily see everything you've stored away. No more knocking over pans or using a flashlight just to see what you've stored in the back!

StudioDearborn drawer outlet in vanityBonus Tip:Vertical pull-out cabinets also pair perfectly with Docking Drawer in-drawer powering outlets. You can use this combination to create the perfect hair styling station in your bathroom, just like the ones that they have at a professional salon! It works great for hair dryer storage because you can both organize and power your hair styling devices in the same place. Now all of your curling irons, hair straighteners, brushes and other bathroom products can have a home, and your bathroom countertops can remain clean and clear.

No kitchen is too far gone to have clean countertops! You don't have to tackle everything on this list today. Break it up, take it step by step. Tackle a different area of your kitchen each week, or each month, however it best fits your schedule. Before you know it you'll have clean, clutter-free counters and more peace of mind.