3️⃣ Ways to Utilize Docking Drawer in the Bathroom

Docking Drawer goes beyond the vanity in these popular bathroom applications.
bathroom styling drawer

The struggle of powering numerous styling tools in a space that all-too-often includes too few or awkwardly placed outlets is real, so it’s no mystery why in-drawer outlets are so popularly specified into bathroom vanity drawers. Here are the 3 most popular ways that Docking Drawer is helping to create highly functional bathroom space:

Powered Vanity Drawer

Adding Docking Drawer to the bathroom drawer offers a safe way to connect styling tools without cluttering the countertops, adds additional outlets into a space that’s known for having too-few ports, and combats the frustration of limited vanity surface space.

hair dryer organizer

Vanity Organizers

Pairing in-drawer outlets with our steel canisters adds even more functionality into the bathroom, offering a safe place to connect and neatly stow hot styling tools, even while in use.

vanity drawer organizer

Makeup Tables

The dedicated makeup table is a growing trend we’re noticing, oftentimes located adjacent to the vanity space. Docking Drawer outlets offer the ability to keep styling tools organized and connected inside the drawer without taking over limited surface space.

salon drawer
Visit our new Project Gallery for even more bathroom design inspiration, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you plan Docking Drawer into future projects.

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