Low-Voltage Cable Management Arms - 5 pack


Low-Voltage Cable Management Arms - 5 pack


SKU: 0290-00100-5

At Docking Drawer, we specialize in creating solutions that enhance workspace efficiency. Our Low-Voltage Cable Management Arm - 5 Pack offering is designed to streamline your cable organization needs.

Optimized for Low-Voltage Cables

Each cable management arm is specifically engineered for low-voltage cables. It's ideal for organizing low-voltage lighting cables, 22 or 24-gauge stranded telephone cables, and 28 AWG-stranded ethernet cables, ensuring a clutter-free and functional workspace. This product is not intended or sold for high-voltage applications.

Convenience and Quantity

Each pack contains five cable management arms, providing ample resources for comprehensive cable organization in multiple locations or for larger projects. The convenience of having multiple arms at your disposal means you can maintain consistency and efficiency in cable management across various setups.

Ready to Use upon Arrival

We ensure that each cable management arm is ready for immediate use upon arrival, arriving fully assembled for your convenience. The lead time for these essential tools is 15 to 30 days, reflecting our commitment to quality.

Our cable management arms are an excellent addition to diverse cable management systems. By choosing Docking Drawer's Low-Voltage Cable Management Arm - 5 Pack, you're investing in an organized, efficient, and safer workspace.

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