This picture is worth a thousand.... dollars!

Projects are expensive. Let Docking Drawer help offset the cost by paying you (up to $500!) for photos or videos of our products in your projects.
Clean countertops after Docking Drawer installation
Countertop before Docking DrawerCountertop and drawer after Docking Drawer
Cost of this Docking Drawer outlet: $239
What we paid for these photos: $300
Eliminating countertop cord & device clutter: Priceless

There is nothing more frustrating growing piles of cord and device clutter taking over surfaces all across the home. And we’re confident you would agree! So when this customer came across Docking Drawer while scouring Pinterest for kitchen renovation ideas, she was sold. And that was before she came across our Photo & Video Buying Program, which ended up paying out $300 for photos of this customer's $239 outlet! Why are we willing to pay out more than the cost of our products in exchange for photos and videos like this? Simply put, marketing a hidden product is not easy, so pictures like this that allow us to showcase what our products can do for you first hand are essential. 

“We were renovating our kitchen and I was scouring Pinterest for ideas. When I saw the Docking Drawer it really was perfect. Customer service was terrific at reassuring me that the product was to code in Ontario, Canada where I live. With 3 kids as well as me and my husband technology was everywhere. Now it all stays neat and tidy in the drawer!” ~Docking Drawer Customer, Julia H

Have a Docking Drawer already? Head to our Photo & Video Buying Program to submit your shots! Ready to place an order and take part in this program? Check out our new, top selling 15 amp Blade series outlets, which can both charge & power any type of device (from cell phones to hair dryers) in a single solution - or the 15 amp Blade Duo, which includes the same capabilities but with 4 extra ports, allowing you to plug in up to 8 devices into a single outlet.

We look forward to sharing your photos ☺️

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