Benefits of Our New Blade Series In-drawer Charging Outlets

Benefits of Our New Blade Series In-drawer Charging Outlets

At Docking Drawer, we're always striving to provide you with safe, innovative, cutting-edge electrical products to help make your lives easier. Technology is a part of our everyday lives now, and with that comes the need to charge, power and store our many different devices.

We created our original Blade and Blade Duo Series in-drawer charging outlets to help you clear the cord clutter off your counters and provide a safe way to charge your cell phones, tablets, laptops, fitness trackers and more - all tucked away in a drawer. These original charging outlets were a huge hit, but we also made sure to listen to you to see what could make them even better. And that's why we're now releasing the NEW Blade and Blade Duo Series.


Let's take a look at what's changing in the new Blade Series.

New Blade and Blade Duo In-Drawer Charging Outlet Options

One size fits more cabinets for easy specification and installation.

The new Blade and Blade Duo series of in-drawer charging outlets now come in just ONE SIZE for cabinet depths up to 24". In the past, the old Blade Series had different models that you had to choose between depending on your cabinet size. We eliminated the need to choose a size by making the new Blade series adjustable for a more "one size fits all" approach.

Smaller in size for easier placement.Now Smaller Blade Charging Outlet from Docking Drawer

The new Blade and Blade Duo are also substantially smaller in size, so they now fit into narrower base cabinets. These base cabinets can start at just 15" wide! This smaller size also allows them to be installed in the center of the drawer, rather than to one side.

100% backwards compatible.

Our new in-drawer charging outlets are 100% backwards compatible with existing Blade 2419, 2118, 1817 and SLIM Series outlet specifications. They have the same size receptacle box cut out and the same size cover plate.

Safety Features

Safety is always at the center of any products we make here at Docking Drawer. Our new Blade Series has the same high quality safety standards as our other products. This includes:

  • Being ETL Listed to UL962a
  • CSA - 22.2 Listed (USB Only)
  • Interlocking Circuit Breaker to prevent high-powered devices from being used
  • Cycle tested 500,000 times, representing 30 years of use
  • Learn more about our safety standards here

Find out more about Docking Drawer's charging outlets or powering outlets by checking out those pages on our website, or contact us here and we'll be happy to answer any questions! Ready to purchase? Simply click the blue button above to see all of our options easily available online. 

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