Understand and Mitigate Fire Risks in Your Attic & Crawl Space

This safety outlet is a great way to protect often infrequented, unmonitored spaces like your attic and crawl space.
attic smoke detector

Our new 15 amp Safety Outlet with Smoke & Heat Sensor was developed to help stop fires BEFORE they start by cutting power to the outlet and connected devices at the first sign of smoke or rapidly rising heat. This safety outlet is most commonly used as an added layer of safety for devices that are left powered on while unattended, such as dishwashers, microwaves, gas dryers, A/V equipment, 3D printers and more. Another application that’s gaining popularity is –you guessed it– the attic and crawl space, and for good reason.

The attic and crawl space have 4 key things in common, making them logical spaces for our smoke & heat safety outlet:

  1. They are infrequently trafficked areas of the home

  2. They are not typically temperature controlled

  3. They are not typically protected by smoke alarms

  4. Furnaces and other equipment is often housed within these infrequented spaces

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If you have an attic, it’s likely to be where your furnace, dehumidifier, and condensation pumps are located. Given that the attic is one of the most infrequently visited spaces within the home, not typically temperature controlled, and often lacking smoke alarms – it doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to understand why it’s a good idea to use a smoke & heat safety outlet within this space. In addition to cutting power at the first sign of smoke or rapidly rising heat, an alarm will sound when the ambient temperature around the sensor reaches 129 degrees F, alerting you to a hazard in this minimally monitored space. 

attic smoke sensor

The crawl space most often has devices like dehumidifiers connected and running inside, as well as lesser common items like invisible fence control units. Boasting the same hazards as the attic, this is another ideal place to add an extra layer of protection.

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crawl space smoke detector
Safety Interlock Outlet with Smoke & Heat Sensor

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