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February 04, 2019 2 min read

When consumers discover we design outlets for drawers, their immediate response is usually, "Isn't that dangerous?" And we get it. Because up until Docking Drawer was founded, ETL listed outlets inside of drawers were NOT a thing. But taping extension cords inside cabinets or cobbling together ad hoc solutions didn't take safety into consideration when installed—and that caused headaches to many home and business owners. Because these solutions weren't using the extension cord for its designed purpose.

Docking Drawer outlets changed that. In fact, they shifted everything we know about in-drawer outlets and safety. We used our expertise in the semiconductor industry to create never before seen, totally safe in-drawer electrical outlets. Not only certified, they all have interlocking safety features which ensure our products are smart, simple, and safe solutions for drawers and cabinets worldwide.

About Our Outlets

Offering a full array of ETL and CSA-Listed, CE, and RCM approved solutions, Docking Drawer is committed to charging and powering today's connected lifestyle with innovative solutions. Our patented and simple-to-specify outlets offer a safe and reliable way to add movable drawer outlets safely, while keeping your spaces organized.

We make two different types of in-drawer outlets. Depending on need, it's important to select the outlet that's appropriate for your project as each of the two options are designed for specific applications. Our Charging Outlets are designed to charge today's technology including laptops, cell phones, tablets, smart watches and more. They feature an interlocking circuit breaker and offer a max of three (3) amps which prevents hair dryers and other high powered devices from being used. Our Powering Outlets can be used to power everyday small appliances—from hair dryers and flat irons in your bathroom to stand mixers in your kitchen. Offering a max of twenty (20) amps, they feature an interlocking thermostat which will cut power to the outlet if the surrounding temperature in the drawer exceeds 120 degrees F. Docking Drawer outlets comply with building codes and will pass inspections in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Continental Europe, and the United Kingdom.

We Listen To Your Concerns

Safety-FAQ-Icon-013119Now you probably still have questions like, "How serious is Docking Drawer about safety?" and "What makes Docking Drawer outlets the safest solution on the market?" We get it. That's why we've pulled together a list of our most frequently asked safety related questions. And sitting down with our experts (and trust us—they are experts) we were able to gather high tech answers in simple english that'll leave you feeling satisfied enough to click "purchase."

Discover more about the rigorous testing process our outlets go through, the certifications we've obtained (and how), and information about hi-pot testing in our newly released safety guide.

Still have questions? Contact us today.