Blade Outlet Saves The Day—Again!

Docking Drawer Blade saves the day

When Tammy Williams and her husband decided to do a kitchen remodel, they were excited for the end results. Not only would there be more counter space, but everything would look clean and much more modern. Ordering new cabinets seemed like a no-brainer for a new kitchen and the Williams family did so several months before they would be installed, as is standard in the cabinet industry.

Once the renovation had begun, Tammy felt herself getting pulled in by the details of her new kitchen. From colors to materials to placement, she certainly felt like she was falling down the rabbit hole. One day, as she was searching through Pinterest for ideas, she stumbled across a photo for in-drawer kitchen charging stations. She loved the idea! Her family was a small collector of Apple products and their laptops, iPods, watches, and tablets were often strewn about the old kitchen. Tammy loved the idea of being able to charge up her family's tech while still keeping it hidden away in a drawer. "The kitchen is really the heart of our home," Tammy explained to Docking Drawer. "That's where people sit to plug in and do homework or snack."

Tammy's new kitchen was going to be home to two big islands, neither or which would have electrical outlets. She'd never considered ordering cabinets with an electrical outlet already installed all those months ago when they'd placed their order with the cabinet company. Determined, she contacted the experts at Docking Drawer and explained her dilemma. Was it too late to get an ETL-Listed outlet installed in her cabinets?

Luckily, Docking Drawer had just released their all-new Blade series. These in-drawer charging outlet solutions are designed to eliminate the need for customers to special order cabinets with shortened drawers (to create more space for in-drawer electrical outlets) because they already fit into standard spaces commonly found in frameless, framed, and inset cabinets. "It was important to make Docking Drawer Blade Series charging outlet installations easy for our customers and this series gives people the ability to specify and install our in-drawer outlet solutions at the beginning, middle, or end of a cabinet installation," said Paul Hostelley of Docking Drawer.

Over the years, the experts at Docking Drawer have found that many customers want to introduce an in-drawer outlet very late in their remodel. While we were almost always able to accommodate this request, it proved to be very expensive and somewhat stressful for our customers. With a Blade outlet, a customer can come to us very late in their installation, receive an excellent product, and get it installed with no costly alterations to their project. In Tammy's case, Docking Drawer was able to provide Tammy and her family with an in-drawer outlet that perfectly matched their needs. They were also able to provide a rushed delivery so the outlets could be installed by the pros that were working on the kitchen renovation. Tammy says she and her family have already used their Docking Drawer outlets and that they're exactly what she'd envisioned.

We're pleased to have had the opportunity to help Tammy and her family find the perfect outlet for their home!

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