What You'd Find Inside our Dream Kitchen

What You'd Find Inside our Dream Kitchen

Everyone's idea of their "dream kitchen" is slightly different. Still, there are a few "must-haves" for any kitchen that can't be ignored. Whether you're doing a remodel or just looking to update a few things, this list covers the top musts that every kitchen should strive for.

Double-Wide Sinks: If you've ever lived in a space with a small sink, you know that this scenario is a struggle. Luckily, double-wide sinks are gaining popularity in kitchen remodels. Personally, we think they're here to stay. 

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Proper Lighting: Today's lighting can come from an abundance of places including skylights (natural lighting) or under cabinet lighting (artificial lighting). Both provide quality and brightness to your kitchen, which is crucial for gatherings in the space as well as meal prep.

Access to the Outdoors: Having direct access to the back porch, and your grill, from your kitchen is a dream scenario. Enjoy your morning cup of joe as you watch the sunrise or quickly transfer food. Best of all, opening the door from your kitchen to your back porch automatically elongates your kitchen, and makes entertaining easier than ever.

Enough outlets: Kitchens are home to a lot of tech. From small kitchen appliances to cell phones and tablets, our kitchens are often a catch-all for tech clutter. The ideal kitchen doesn't run out of outlet space-it just gets more industry compliant outlets, such as a Docking Drawer, added into unique spaces like drawers and cabinets.

Waste, Compost, and Recycling Center: In today's green world, make a conscious effort to do your part for the environment. Install more than a hidden trash can in your cabinets-consider adding a recycle bin and even a compost station as well.

While everyone's idea of a dream kitchen differs, these are a few staples we felt a lot of people would enjoy installing in their kitchen if the opportunity presents itself. Don't forget to check out all of these wonderful kitchen ideas we've put on our Pinterest board.


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