Simple Things to Make Your Cabinets Awesome

Simple Things to Make Your Cabinets Awesome

Ever heard the phrase "beauty is only skin deep?" It may not be a phrase to attribute to your cabinets, but here's the truth: if your kitchen cabinets aren't functional, they become a burden. Before the rise of DIY sites like Pinterest, we couldn't imagine our cabinets being anything more than they were: a space for storage. Now however, insert one of these desirable accessories and make working in your kitchen seem like less of a chore.

Base Cabinets with Drawers: Not doors. That's right. Instead of squatting down or bending over to access pots, pans, and cookie sheets below your waist, install base cabinets with drawers. They're easy to access and bring the content right to you. Best of all, they can be organized a variety of ways, including with high-rolling spacers.

Roll Out Trays: Not everyone likes the idea (or the price tag) of installing drawers behind cabinet doors. Keep your doors and simply replace the interior content with rollout shelving. Available in a wide variety of colors and materials, they can fit almost any space while still being convenient to use.

Storage solutions: Corner cabinets can prove to be a problem. With hard to reach spaces, it's easy for these cabinets to go totally unused. Thankfully, storage solutions now exist for corner cabinets, making the space more accessible and organized than ever. Complete the look with non-slip mats like those sold by our friends at Hafele and items can be easily grabbed.

In-Drawer Dividers: Existing for everything from your utensils to your spices, to junk drawer organization, in-drawer dividers are the perfect way to keep your drawers clutter-free. Best of all, you'll easily access the right thing at just the right time.

In-Drawer Outlets: Now that all of your cabinets are clean and organized, don't clutter your kitchen countertops! Install a Docking Drawer kitchen charging station and keep your tech, such as phones and laptops, charged up and out of sight. 

Don't let your cabinets go unused. Instead, take advantage of today's tech and storage solutions to make your kitchen a place where you love spending time!

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