Matt's 1940s Kitchen Transformation

See how Matt used a combination of aesthetics plus smart, functional features like Docking Drawer to bring this 1940s kitchen into the modern era.
modern kitchen outlet

Docking Drawer customer Matt of Matt Moore Designs recently shared this unbelievable kitchen renovation project with us. Not only did Matt bring this 1940s kitchen into the modern era with a much-needed aesthetic upgrade, he also included smart, functional features that expanded the usable space of the kitchen without adding on any actual square footage. Finished off with a few thoughtful touches and this is one before-and-after that will have your jaw hitting the floor:

In addition to sharing this inspirational renovation, Matt expertly captured the Docking Drawer installation process to help others see just how simple it is for anyone, from homeowners to tradesmen like himself, to add in-drawer power to new or existing drawers:

Hear firsthand what Matt had to say about his experience with Docking Drawer:


 Head to our Project Gallery to see how others are transforming their spaces with Docking Drawer, then take this short, interactive quiz to find the right in-drawer outlet for your drawer and project.

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