Live Well in Small Bathroom Spaces

Live Well in Small Bathroom Spaces

We've all been there - the small bathroom. Almost nothing is more frustrating in your living space than this. Whether it's in your forever home or your temporary one, there are some great ways that you can expand your tiny bath and make it a space you're comfortable being in. If you need even more inspiration, be sure to visit our Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board following this blog.

Kick Up Your Colors

A small bathroom is one place where bright colors can give a pop of personality. Whether you paint an entire wall or you invest in bright accessories like shower curtains and rugs, color can be exactly what your tiny bathroom is missing.

Glass Makes for the Perfect Illusion

Does your small bathroom look cramped? Perhaps the problem is that your tiny room is stuffed to the gills with a sink, toilet, and tub. If you have the option, replace your tub with a glass shower. Glass enclosures give you and your guests the illusion of space because they allow you to see from one side of your bath to the other.

Find a Special Place for Towel Racks

Traditionally, a towel rack goes on your walls. When it comes to a small bathroom, wall space can be precious. Remove your towel rack from the wall and install it somewhere unique-like on the back of your bathroom door

Declutter Countertops

Nowhere is clutter more visible than in a tiny bathroom. Keep your curling irons and hair dryers tucked away inside a vanity drawer. Like to keep them plugged in? Consider installing a Docking Drawer Power Outlet inside your vanity.

Add Open Shelving

Whether you have free space above the toilet or there is an unused foot or two above your bathroom door, don't discount spaces that can handle open shelving. Store toilet paper, makeup, deodorant, extra bath supplies, and more atop open, floating shelves that give the illusion of bigger space as once again you can see from one side of your bath to the other.

Install a Storage Mirror

Sure you can hide a few daily necessities inside the mirror above your sink, but why not think bigger? Install a full length mirror with storage space on an open wall. You can build it yourself or find a stylish alternative at your local home improvement store.

It isn't always easy to live well in a small bathroom. Thankfully, we have a lot of storage and decluttering options available to us in today's market that can help us really open up the space.

Interested in installing a Docking Drawer Powering Outlet into your small bathroom? Talk to one of our experts today! Also, don't miss Living Well in Small Urban Space, also part of the Docking Drawer Live Well blog series.

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