“I can’t believe I waited this long to add a Docking Drawer.”

Following a kitchen flood, this customer created opportunity out of disaster, remodeling his kitchen into a highly organized and functional space.
“I can’t believe I waited this long to add a Docking Drawer.”

When disaster struck in the form of an unfortunately dishwasher flood, this customer (Tom) assessed the extensive damage and decided to take the opportunity to freshen up his kitchen with a full remodel.

Before Tom's kitchen renovation

Over the last several years, our outlets have become an essential part of kitchen remodel projects. So when it was time to start planning, Tom knew right away that he wanted to specify 2 Docking Drawer outlets in his new kitchen and was quick to communicate this to his contractor.

In drawer kitchen charging station

Although already familiar with our market leading in-drawer outlets, this was the contractor’s first time installing a Docking Drawer, and he selected 2 of our new Blade Series outlets. These hidden drawer outlets offer Tom the ability to both charge and power any type of device in his new powered drawers, while his contractor benefited from the new outlet’s smaller size and corded electrical connection which led to an even easier specification process and lower project costs than would’ve been possible with previous product equivalents.

Kitchen island charging drawer

With the growing number of everyday chargeable devices that was taking over Tom’s surfaces - including salt and pepper shakers, a wine opener and USB flashlights in addition to cell phones, tablets, bluetooth headphones, wearable tech and other more common devices - this family of 5 is especially pleased with how their new Docking Drawer outlets have eliminated countertop cord and device clutter, with Tom stating:

“After seeing how easy it was to install, I can’t believe I waited this long to add a Docking Drawer. It’s amazing how clean my kitchen looks without phones, tablets, rechargeable gadgets, cords and charging blocks taking over my countertops! Next up is the bathroom vanity.”

Now Tom and his family have more room to do what they love (and what kitchens are made for): cook!

Tablet charging while Tom is cooking

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