A Fashionable & Functional Kitchen Remodel

Watch this kitchen remodel from start to finish to see how new paint, countertops and hardware – plus the addition of functional features like drawer dividers, pull-out trash cabinets and Docking Drawer outlets – was all it took to completely transform the look, feel and function of this Cleveland-area kitchen.
remodeled kitchen with functional organization

When these Cleveland-area homeowners, Matt & Debbie, moved into their new home in 2020, they knew there were some updates to be made in the kitchen. However, in order to get a feel for the space, they decided to wait 1-2 years before taking action. What they learned in that time was that the kitchen, while in need of some cosmetic updates and functional upgrades, had a good foundation - so they decided on a remodel, rather than a full-on renovation.

Before & After kitchen remodel

Bay Cabinet Shop took on this remodel project, which included a plan for some key changes like new cabinet doors, drawer boxes, countertops and hardware, along with some fresh paint and a new backsplash. There were a few functional features planned that were high on the wishlist as well, like trash pullouts, built-in drawer organizers and a Docking Drawer outlet.

Kitchen organization features

A stone-washed Formica was selected for the countertops, which featured an extra overhang at the island to fit in one additional bar stool. They chose to go with two-tone kitchen cabinets, with white paint on the upper cabinet row and a dark blue/grey shade on the lower cabinets. A subway tile backsplash was added where only paint existed before, and new soft glide drawer boxes replaced dated and poorly functioning drawers.

Remodeled kitchen with updated cabinets and new Formica countertops

While this new kitchen got a much-needed fashionable makeover, it was the functional details that were most important to Matt & Debbie. Matt was eager to get the trash and recycling cans off the kitchen floor and into the new trash pullouts, while Debbie was most excited about the in-drawer charging station, which would eliminate the ever growing piles of countertop cord & device clutter left by her tech-loving husband. In fact, adding purpose to drawer and cabinet space was central to the remodel. These homeowners understood that they didn’t need to gut and expand the kitchen in order to create more space, instead focusing on the addition of organizational features to create a better functioning space.

Kitchen drawer charging station

“Connecting our tablets, watches, chargeable flashlights, headsets, and everything else inside the Docking Drawer was the perfect solution for us. My husband can still charge these devices in the kitchen, but without taking over my countertops. The result has really brought me peace!", says Debbie.

electrical outlet in kitchen drawer

Matt goes on to say of the Docking Drawer outlet, "It's great! Not only does it make my wife happy to have all my gadgets charging inside the drawer, but I can connect 8 devices to the Blade Duo outlet we chose, which eliminates the need for me to rely on plug adapters for extra ports. It's a cleaner and more efficient solution than anything I've had in the past. I'm thinking of adding one to my locked desk drawer for more sensitive things, like my work laptop."

The moral of the story? Sometimes all it takes are a few strategic upgrades to create more fashionable and better functioning space. And since Docking Drawer outlets are simple to install into any type of drawer using only basic tools, you don’t need to wait for a renovation to add the functional benefits of our Blade Series in-drawer outlets to your space. Visit our project gallery to see how others are using Docking Drawer to create more organized and better functioning kitchens, bathrooms, offices, closets and beyond.

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