Style Drawer Trio

Part Number : 0290-20533W-AUS

0290-20533W-AUS 0290-20533W-AUS 0290-20533W-AUS 0290-20533W-AUS 0290-20533W-EUR 0290-20533W-EUR 0290-20533W-EUR 0290-20533W-UK 0290-20533W-UK 0290-20533W-UK Style Drawer Trio Style Drawer Trio Style Drawer Trio

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Key Features

The Style Drawer Trio series powering outlets require just 51mm of space behind the drawer box.

Power up to 2 devices as well as charge 2 devices.

Integrated thermostat cuts power to the outlet if surrounding temperature exceeds 50˚C.

Country specific patch cord included

Simple to Install

Technical Information & Specifications

  • Style Drawer Trio Australia

  • Style Drawer Trio Europe

  • Style Drawer Trio UK


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Style Drawer Trio