Recertified Blade Charging Outlets

Part Number : 0290-30000-R

Recertified Blade Charging Outlets Recertified Blade Charging Outlets


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Key Features

Docking Drawer Blade series charging outlets require the least amount of space, allowing them to fit into almost any cabinet layout.

Fits into standard cabinet layouts without modifying the drawer box.

Interlocking circuit breaker that prevents high-powered devices from being used.

Charge up to 8 devices simultaneously.

Simple to Install

Technical Information & Specifications

  • Blade 2 AC - 2 USB

  • Blade 4 USB

  • Blade Duo 2 AC - 6 USB

  • Blade Duo 8 USB

  • Blade Duo 4 AC - 4 USB


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Blade Duo