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Examples of Great Customer Stories:

"With 5 kids, our countertops were overtaken by ipads, phones, handheld gaming systems, cords and charging blocks.

We decided to install 2 Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlets into a wide kitchen drawer to create a dedicated charging zone for the family.

Not only did we make better use of what used to be a junk drawer, but our countertops are now clutter free and adding order to the chaos has resulted in my kids’ devices maintaining a more consistent charge."

Charging Station for the Whole Family

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"We remodeled our master bathroom and utilized extra space to extend the vanity cabinets.

The first two attempts by the cabinet builder to create hair dryer storage came up short by not dedicating space for cord storage and not allowing the drawer to slide smoothly.

So, I decided to redesign and build one myself. The Docking drawer outlet seemed like the perfect design solution for the electrical issue, and it was! Everything went smoothly, with no issues or problems."

Should Have Started with Docking Drawer

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"While nearly all standard cabinet layouts include 2” of space behind the drawer box, these beautifully made cabinets were just a little shy at 1.5”. Luckily, that didn’t deter this installer, as it’s typically easy to make minor adjustments in rare instances like this.

In this case, the installer cut through drawer, adding a 1/2" piece of wood to make up the space needed for the outlet arms to smoothly glide in and out as the drawer opens and closes. And viola! Another successful Docking Drawer installation complete."

An Adaptable
Cabinet Maker

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"Dorig Designs transformed their client’s small bathroom into a space that could transition with the needs of their growing daughters.

Docking Drawer outlets were specified into Rev-A-Shelf pull-out drawers.

Each girl has their very own vanity pull out powered by Docking Drawer outlets, complete with canisters.

Docking Drawer’s interlocking safety features will give their parents peace of mind, especially as the girls grow into those forgetful teen years."

A Transitional Bathroom

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