Power Up Your Showroom

Docking Drawer provides all of the sales materials you need to energize your showroom.

Fill Out the Following Spreadsheet & Upload Photos to Enter into the Bonus Program

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Docking Drawer Showroom Mockup Program Guidelines

HDL Sales Reps receive Mockup Kits

HDL reps complete the following requirements:
1 - Install a Docking Drawer Mockup into a showroom
2 - Submit photos of the installed Mockup
3 - HDL account is then entered into the bonus program

HDL submits a Google Sheet to Docking Drawer with all of the mockup submission information and links to photos.

When the showroom sells a Docking Drawer Blade Duo or Blade outlet, Docking Drawer will award a $50 bonus to HDL. Bonuses will be tallied quarterly and paid to HDL in the form of a credit.

* Blade Duo or Blade outlet must be sold within 6 months of the mockup form submission
* There is no limit to how many submissions can be entered, but each entry must be a different showroom

HDL reps will receive an email reminder from Docking Drawer to order a Refill Literature Kit or additional Literature can be reordered at any time here.

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Power Up Your Showroom

Docking Drawer provides all of the sales materials you need to make your showroom shine.

Docking Drawer Showroom Sales Tools

showroom mockup outlet


Mockup Outlets

Includes: (1) high quality metal cover plate & (1) 3D printed outlet mockup

BENEFITS: Show customers solutions for creating organized and clutter-free spaces without having to cut into showroom drawer boxes or install an electrical connection.

in drawer outlet

Docking Drawer

Sample Outlets

Includes: A complete and functioning Docking Drawer sample outlet

BENEFITS: Customers can test the charging capabilities and see how the cable management arms protect and guide the power cord.

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