20 amp Tri-Power Countertop Pop-Up by Hubbell



20 amp Tri-Power Countertop Pop-Up by Hubbell



When installing Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets isn't feasible, Hubbell Pop-Up Outlets provide an exceptional alternative, surpassing the quality standards of all other options on the market.

Elevate Your Surfaces with the Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet

Experience a clutter-free environment with Hubbell's Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlets, the perfect solution for charging and powering your devices, similar to Docking Drawer's in-drawer outlets. Our products work seamlessly together, offering top-notch quality and functionality for your home. These discreet pop-up outlets are incredibly compact and shallow, providing various placement options, particularly on kitchen countertops. Whether it's your kitchen, conference room, or sideboard, the 20 amp Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet ensures convenient access to power. Looking for an alternative placement? Check out our in-drawer outlets, also available in a 20 amp version.

Seamless, Low-Profile Design

Hubbell's Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet offers a versatile choice of seven distinct finishes, seamlessly aligning with your interior design. Whether you favor the classic white finish or a bolder shade to complement your style, this countertop pop-up outlet effortlessly blends in. Its minimalist design, featuring a compact 4" top diameter and an ultra-thin 0.09" bezel, harmonizes perfectly with your countertops, maintaining an understated presence. When needed, a gentle press elevates the outlet just 1.69" above the countertop, preserving its low-profile design. This thoughtful feature ensures your space remains clutter-free while adding a functional and aesthetic touch.

Exceptional Functionality

Transform your countertop into a center of productivity and connectivity with the Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet. This innovative outlet offers three charging options—USB-A, USB-C(PD), and QI wireless charging—allowing you to power multiple devices and appliances simultaneously. Its versatile design includes an upside-down outlet for accommodating larger plugs commonly used with heavy-duty kitchen tools or larger laptop chargers. Tested for water resistance and equipped with spill-proof technology in both up and down positions, Hubbell's Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet simplifies surface powering needs, even in water-prone areas. Whether in your kitchen, office, or living space, rely on Hubbell for a seamless powering experience.

Effortless & Secure Installation

Installing the 20 amp Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet is a hassle-free process that prioritizes safety. Begin by cutting a 3.5" round hole and connecting your wires to the pop-up unit's underside. Carefully lower the pop-up outlet into the hole, then securely fasten it beneath the counter using the provided lock nut. This versatile countertop pop-up outlet accommodates both non-metallic sheathed cable and metal conduit, easily managed with a wire clamp or a 1/2" knockout. To ensure maximum safety, connect the pop-up outlet to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected circuit. Hubbell's Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet is UL Listed for countertop installation, having undergone rigorous testing to confirm its cables can withstand high electrical levels and prevent excessive electricity flow. The pop-up function is proven to last for a minimum of 10,000 cycles, emphasizing Hubbell's unwavering commitment to safety and durability.

What’s in the Box?
Hubbell 20 amp Tri-Power Pop-Up Outlet
3 Charging Covers in White, Black & Gray
Installation Manual

Outlet DImensions
Tower Height: 1.70” [43.1mm]
Base Height: 5.59” [142mm]
Ring Thickness: .09” [2.3mm]
Available Space for Countertop: .56" - 2.50"
Base Diameter: 4.55” [115.6mm]

Electrical Specs
Outlet Configuration: 2 AC, 1 USB-C (PD), 1 USB-A and QI tireless top
AC Current / Amperage Rating: 20 amp
AC Voltage Rating: 125V
Tamper Resistant: Yes
USB-C (PD): 30W @ 9 VDC
USB-A: 5 amp @ 5 VDC
QI Wireless Top: 7.5W

1-Year Warranty

Outlet Cut Out Size
Surface Mount: 4” outlet cut out and then the ring rests on top of the counter

Electrical Certifications*
UL Listed - UL 223A Listed for the US
cUL Listed - CSA Approved: The outlet ​​was tested by UL to CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards.
406.5(E) [countertops], 406.5(F) [work surfaces], and 406.5(H) [seating areas]: Pop up complies when installed vertically and on a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected circuit.
UL 498 Section 146: Built and listed to be water resistant to a half gallon of liquid spilled on the device.

*The Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has the final say on whether an installation meets the requirements of the Electrical Code.

Choose a Location

Select a location for the pop-up outlet that meets the following requirements:

  • Has 5” of space underneath the countertop that will not interfere with any drawers, appliances or other parts of your cabinetry
  • Countertop thickness is between .56"-2.50" [14.3-63.5mm]
  • If using a Docking Drawer cord kit (sold separately), ensure a power outlet is within reach of the cord

Choose an Outlet

How many devices do you want to connect?

  • Up to 2 devices: Choose the 15 amp or 20 amp Countertop Pop Ups by Hubbell which offer 2 AC ports
  • Up to 4 devices: Choose the 15 amp or 20 amp Tri-Power Countertop Pop Ups by Hubbell which offer 1 AC, 1 USB-C (PD), 1 USB-A and QI Wireless charging top

Choose a mounting style

You can choose between a flush or surface mounting technique. A surface mounting style offers the utmost ease of installation and will leave the outlet ring sitting just 2.5mm above the counter. The flush mounting style, requiring a few additional steps in the installation process, will result in a fully recessed outlet that sits flush with your countertop.

Install the Outlet

  • Locate and drill the cut out in the countertop
  • Remove the base from the housing and wire the unit by hardwiring or using Docking Drawer’s cord kit
  • Reattach the base and insert the pop up into the countertop opening
  • Hand tighten the lock nut to secure the pop up in place
  • Press the cover to pop up the receptacle and press again to close

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