The Strassheim's: A Docking Drawer Photo Bucks Story

The Strassheim's: A Docking Drawer Photo Bucks Story

When it comes to remodeling, most homeowners find that while they originally start out thinking big picture, the final product really comes down to those minute details. At least, that was the case with Rob and Sarah Strassheim who were looking to update their 20-year-old master bathroom.

The Strassheim's weren't overly concerned with the details of updated the master bath in their colonial-style home. As long as it was brightened up with a classic, contemporary touch they knew they'd be happy. And while they desired the main focal point of their updated bath to be a very clean looking expanded shower and custom vanity, they were at a loss as to how to make that desire a reality. 

Enter trusted stone fabricator, John Cogswell of Cogswell Stone. John's design vision for the Strassheim family included large marble floor tiles, beveled marble wall tiles in their shower area, and a two-inch thick carrara marble vanity top. The Strassheim's also worked with a local firm Charlottesville Woodworks to design a custom piece based on a cabinet they had seen on Houzz. 

While their dream grew closer to reality, the Strassheim's continued to stress an important point: they wanted their new master bath to feel very clean. To them, that included no visible plugs around their brand new sink. While their general contractor and cabinet maker had installed makeshift drawer plugs in the past, the Strassheim's wanted something different-and safer. 

"During the planning process for the renovation, we heard a story where a homeowner had a makeshift drawer plug and accidentally put a powered-on curling iron in the drawer," said Sarah Strassheim. "This resulted in a small fire and damage to the cabinet." 

Unfortunately, the story that Sarah heard is all too common with today's hack society. We've even blogged about how unsafe it can be to hack a power strip into your kitchen or bathroom drawer (and why Docking Drawer is a safe, easy-to-install solution). A huge thank you to Ciuffo Cabinetry for sharing their customer story.

Rob searched for drawer plugs on Houzz and immediately found Docking Drawer's products. Sarah was intrigued by the Style Drawer series thermostatic shut-off feature. In wanting to do this project right the first time, the Strassheim's chose to install a Style Drawer during their renovation. Both their general contractor and their cabinet maker were impressed by the design of the Style Drawer as well as how easy the product was to install into the new drawer. 
The Strassheim's couldn't be happier with how their master bath remodel turned out-and they were quick to speak with Docking Drawer about how well the Style Drawer powering station fit into their overall design.  

A huge thank you to Rob and Sarah for sharing their story with us via our Photo Bucks program! Check out their beautifully installed Style Drawer in the video they sent us, below. To learn more about our Photo Bucks program (and how you could win up to $1000) just visit our website.

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